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10 Amazing Health Benefits of taking Guava fruit during Pregnancy

Everybody knows the benefit of fruits, including the health benefits of guava during pregnancy. The fruits are bring many benefits if consume in daily habit. Not only can help to bring a strong body and immune, fruits contain various vitamins and minerals that good for the body. Guava is one of the fruits with various benefits, especially during the pregnancy of a new mother.

Guava is actually a tropical plant that will grow well in a tropic weather, no wonder it can easily grow in the backyard as it needs no specific treatment of plantation. The fruits can consume directly.

Furthermore, it also can serve as a juice that will feel more tastily and fresh. The flesh is pink color and the taste is really sweet. The fruit also quite round and not too big. It is a same size with typical apples.

Nutrient Content of Guava

The fruit contains various nutritious contents: Each portion of guava, or around 165gr of the fruit, usually contain below nutrition:

  • 112cal calories
  • 1.6gr fat
  • 3mg sodium
  • 688mg potassium
  • 24gr carbohydrates
  • 8.9gr dietary fiber
  • 15gr sugar
  • 4.2gr protein
  • 700mg vitamin A
  • 30gr vitamin C
  • 10mg vitamin B6
  • 3mg calcium
  • 2mg iron
  • 9mg magnesium

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10 Amazing Health Benefits of taking Guava fruit during Pregnancy

To get to know the more detail health benefits of guava during pregnancy, see below lists of points.

1) Immune System

The main benefit when consume guava is to increase the immune system of the body. This is due to the fruit contain high number of vitamin C that benefit for taking care of a body health,  Mainly along pregnancy that a strength immune system is needed so that the pregnant woman cannot easily get sick.

2) Strength Fetus

The immunity also is a good way to manage the fetus to keep health and strong. A better immune system from the mother will be delivered to the baby and create a more healthy baby. Therefore, consume the guava can help to manage a healthy strength fetus too.

3) Healthy Glow Skin

Guava also contains vitamin E that good for the healthy skin. It can help to produce a smooth silky skin and bring a healthy skin appearance. Furthermore, it will bring a glowing skin that can help to avoid any skin inflammation such as acne or eczema. Therefore, guava is the best natural treatment for the skin during pregnancy.

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4) Source of Vitamin C

Guava is well known as the highest source of vitamin C. Therefore, it can help to develop the body immune to avoid the possibility of any diseases infection. Furthermore, it can keep the fetus health keep strength and experience no problem during the time of pregnancy.

10 Amazing Health Benefits of taking Guava fruit during Pregnancy

5) Avoid Dehydration

Guava contains a lot of water that can help to supply the needs of liquid in the body. Therefore, the fruit is good to avoid dehydration. This is important for pregnant woman as they share liquids with the fetus to make sure the amnion fluid is enough.

6) Avoid Diabetic

Guava contains natural sugar and sweets. Therefore, this is a good way to manage avoid diabetic and manage the blood sugar level. This is important since the pregnant woman hormones normally lead to abnormal insulin level in the blood. By consume the right fruit, it can help to control the insulin and manage a normal blood sugar level.

7) Control Blood Pressure

Another health benefit of guava during pregnancy also will manage to control the blood pressure level. Pregnant woman are easily to get hypertension due to exhausted and increasing blood speed during the pregnancy.

Consume guava will help to manage the tension and avoid the possibility of experience hypertension. This is the same health benefits of watermelon for low blood pressure that able to control the blood pressure too.

8) High Fiber

The same way as many other fruits, guava also contains high number of fiber. This is good to manage a healthy intestinal bowel movement that can lead to proper digestive. Furthermore, it can help to perform a fasten digest and lead into better nutrient absorption.

9) Ease Digestive

As the fruits are rich with fiber, it is the right way to keep a healthy digestive system. Especially in pregnant woman which normally has difficulties in digestive during the last trimester. Therefore, consuming more fruit will lead to a better metabolic rate which can also increase the digest.

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10) Avoid Anemia

Guava also contains minerals that can help to produce enough red blood cells. Therefore, it can help to avoid anemia. This is important in pregnancy where the pregnant woman frequently loose minerals for supply the fetus and result to a condition of hard anemia symptoms.

10 Amazing Health Benefits of taking Guava fruit during Pregnancy

Cautions and Recommendations

Even though the fruit bring many benefits for pregnant woman, there are also things to consider when consume the fruits. For further explanation, see below recommendation when decide to consume guava during pregnancy.

  • Avoid continue consume the fruit if experience any allergically conditions, such as itchiness, redness kin or swollen face. Furthermore, do not continue if feel sick or nausea after consume it.
  • Consume in proper portions to avoid diarrhea as the fruit rich in fiber. Therefore, too many consume of guava can lead into stomach problems.
  • Make sure to clean the fruit from the seeds as the seeds can produce a symptom of appendicitis. Therefore, consume a lot of drink while eating the fruit to avoid choke or any unwanted problems.

Those all the health benefits of guava during pregnancy. Consume the fruit every day is good for pregnancy. However keep the normal portion of consumption. Therefore, it will bring numerous optimal benefits and help to avoid any unwanted side effects. Mainly for any effects that might be harmful to the fetus.

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