10 Things You Should Know About Noiler Chickens

Noiler chicken breed (also called Kuroiler) is a hybrid chicken produced after successfully crossing a male broiler with an exotic pullet. This particular breed of chicken is considered to be dual-purpose (egg and meat chicken breed).

Noilers are now becoming popular in Africa, as farmers in African countries such as Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria have started to raise them to produce eggs and meat.

According to findings, it was discovered that Kegg Farms in India was the first to introduce this breed into the market and Uganda was the first African country to start producing it in Africa.

The great news is that farmers are happy and satisfied with the Kuroiler’s performances. Amo Hatchery is the only company producing Noiler chicks is Nigeria. The birds are named Amo Noilers.

Why are Kuroiler / Noiler Chickens special?

According to a recent Research, Most poultry farmers report that Kuroiler / Noiler chickens are easier to raise and manage They have an excellent survival rate that matches up with that of local chickens Kuroilers grow faster and have better egg laying and meat production performance. They lay bigger eggs and eggs per annum is around 150-200 eggs.

They are rugged and can adapt to harsh conditions like local chickens. Research findings have shown that Kuroilers produce more meat and have a body weight that doubles that of a local chicken.

They also attain maturity early as they are ready for market in 3-4 months but not like broilers that market-ready at 6 weeks (2 months). Their average market weight could be between 2-3.5kg.

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Kuroiler chickens can scavenge for food and water just like indigenous or local chicken breeds do. So farmers may not need confining them in a place or manage them under an intensive system.

They are not expensive i.e. they are affordable chicken breeds and cheaper to maintain In terms of health, they have less susceptibility to diseases and with lower maintenance levels.

Note: Just because Kuroiler chickens are hardy and adaptable to harsh condition does not mean that they shouldn’t  be provided with a well-built pen for easy management.

The poultry pen will protect them from predators and very harsh weather conditions such as high rainfall. It is also important that Noiler farmers vaccinate their birds at the right time and in the right dosage.

Lastly, feeding them with good and nutritional feeds is highly necessary as it will help the chickens performed better than before.

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Characteristics of Noiler or Kuroiler Chickens

10 Things You Should Know About Noiler Chickens

1. Noiler is an hybrid of broiler and cockerel.

2.  It has the high resistance of cockerels and the meat characteristics of broilers.

3.  It matures for meat consumption at 3 to 4 months up to 2.6kg, depending on whether you feed them like cockerels or broilers.

4. They can feed or eat any feed or food given to them.

5. In India, they are known as Kuroilers, a dual-purpose breed producing meat and eggs, and can live on a diet of kitchen and agricultural waste, and produce around 150 eggs per year whereas native hens lay only about 40 per year.

6. The meat yield per bird of Noilers is also greater; males weigh approximately 3.5 kg  and females about 2.5 kg whereas the native male bird weighs 2.5 kg and females 1.2 kg. 

7. Due to its unique genetic features, the Noiler is resistant to diseases.

8. The Noiler chick is a potential bio-converter of no cost agricultural, household and natural waste abundant in villages into human protein food and substantial incomes for rural households.

9.Their eggs are even larger than normal eggs.

10. They are cheap to afford.

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