How to control Ruminants from destroying grasses where they graze

Factors to consider when purchasing Ruminant Animals

The way to control this is to do what is called “Rotational grazing”. If you have a fenced paddock where your animals do graze, it is not good to allow them access to the whole of the grasses at the same time. Some portion should be reserved while the other is being grazed on by the animals. In case of nomadic grazing, the areas of grazing should be rotated regularly to allow grasses maintain their freshness. There could also be times when paddocks are left ungrazed for some time. At…

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Introduction to Hydroponics Garden – A Guide for Beginners

Introduction to Hydroponics Garden - A Guide for Beginners

By definition, growing hydroponically means a grower isn’t using soil as a growing medium. In fact, the word hydroponics comes from Latin and means working water. The intent and scope of this article is not to provide a concise and complete set of instructions for growing hydroponically, but to provide a general overview of the various steps and processes so novice gardeners have a better idea of what may be involved. As always, do thorough research on each of the various aspects yourself to maximize your chance for success. All…

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The ideal Time to Take Ruminants out for Grazing

Sheep Milk Production, The ideal Time to Take Ruminants out for Grazing

The ideal time to take them out for grazing is the early hours of the morning preferably any time after 10.00am. This is because it is better to allow sun to rise so that eggs of worms attached to grasses would have been destroyed before the grasses are consumed by the animals. If they are not destroyed, the worm load of the ruminants will be increased and this is not good for their health. Physical Indicators of Ruminants Feed and Grazing Quality The physical nature of the feeds can pose…

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