How often to wash your fish concrete tanks

While fish are still in the pond, it is not advisable to drain the water completely in an attempt to change their water. It is good to reduce the water in the pond to a level and then top it with fresh water. So, washing the pond may not be necessary in the course of raising the fish. It is advisable to be done after cropping that is after harvesting your fishes. However, if in the course of raising the fish, the pond becomes extremely slippery, then you can wash…

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Meaning of Recirculatory system in fish farming

Recirculatory system of fish housing is such that water being used in the pond is recycled. For instance rather than flushing out dirty water, the water is passed through a system that will sieve out the dirt from the water and then the same water is returned back into the pond for use by the fish. Now am sure you may also wish to know if this system has any advantage over earthen pond and flow through system of fish pond, well the advantage it has is that it helps…

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The differences between the feeds to be given to the young and adult ruminant animals

Well ideally, before they are weaned, young ruminants are supposed to be given enough milk by the mother. After weaning, when they are to be fed with forages, it is advisable that those to be served the young ones are more succulent than those for the adults. In serving them concentrates, those to be served to the young ones should be richer in protein than those to be served the adult. This is because the young needs it for growth. See also: Where to source Ruminant Feeds  

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Where to source Ruminant Feeds

Sheep Milk Production, The ideal Time to Take Ruminants out for Grazing

Ruminant farmers most times try to find out the recommended place where they can source their feeds. Well as for forages, they are readily available everywhere. However, for concentrates, feed-mills and already existing farmers should be contacted for link. A good feed formula could be got from your consultant in case you need one. In sourcing your feed however, you must be sure of the quality of the feeds from that source otherwise you will be exposing your animals to diseases. See also: For how long can Ruminant Animals be…

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How Often Ruminant Animals should be Fed

Ruminant Animals

Ruminants are usually allowed to graze between 10am and 6pm. This would have served them for the day. However, if feeds are served them in their ruminant housing, feeds should be made available ad libitum (i.e. As much as desired by the animals). Feeds is supposed to be available for them at all times, Feeding time could be divided into two or three and the feeds being served them could also be rotated. i.e. the feeds served them should be of good quality and enough quantity. See also: How to…

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