Controlling high mat on Plantain

After production of several ratoon crops, the upper surface of corms in aging plantain fields can be seen above soil level. The exposure of the corms, which is called high mat, is believed to have several causes. The nature of ratooning in plantains seems to be particularly important. High mat exposes the roots which dry out. The plants become weak and tip over easily because they are no longer firmly based in the soil. Earthing up (adding soil around the plant) does not help much. However, mulch protects the roots…

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Recommended Methods of Selecting Snail Breeding Stock

As at today there are about 11 breeds of snails which are being cultures for the purpose of meat, reproduction, sells etc. Archachatina marginata ( African giant snail) Achatina  Achatina (African Origin) Achatina  fulica (African Origin) others include: • Helix.aspersa (Spain , France ,Italy) • H .pomatia (Rome , France , Britain) • H .lacteal (Spain) • H .nemoralis (Spain) • H . hortensis (Central and northern Europe) • H . aperta. • lucorum (Crimea to turkey) • adanensis (turkey)

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BENEFITS OF SNAIL FARMING 1. Snail farming is not high capital intensive 2. Snail is a good source of protein. 3. It contains low fat & cholesterol levels. 4. It maintains low mortality BENEFITS It’s a Good foreign exchange earner Food The shell Traditional medicine etc.

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Where do the best strawberries grow?

Agricultural production benefits enormously from flower-visiting bees and other flower-visiting insects. Because of their supply of flowering plants and opportunities for nesting, hedgerows and the edges of forests represent important habitats for pollinators. A team from the departments of Functional Agrobiodiversity and Agroecology at the University of Göttingen has investigated whether hedgerows and their proximity to forests might have a positive effect on the pollination of strawberries. It was found that both the weight and the quality of strawberries increased when strawberry plants were placed at hedgerows or at hedgerows…

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Here are the Equipment’s needed in your Rabbit Farm

How to Care for Newly Weaned Rabbits Properly

When you bring a new rabbit home for the first time, or if you own an adult rabbit there are certain items of equipment that you should have: 1. Rabbit Housing You will need a rabbit hutch or cage to keep your rabbit in. There are various different types of hutches and cages on the market today but it is very important that you purchase one that is large enough for your rabbit. Ideally the hutch should be high enough for your rabbit to stand on his hind legs without…

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