Plantain Propping

The heavy weight of the plantain bunch bends all bearing plants and can cause doubling (pseudo stem breaks), snap- off (corm breaks, leaving a part in the ground) or uprooting, also called tip-over (the entire corm with roots comes out of the ground). Plants are generally weak during the dry season and strong winds, nematodes and stem borers also increase the rate of loss. For these reasons, bearing plants always need support from 1 or 2 wooden props, usually made of bam- boo. If a piece of bamboo is used,…

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Plantain Planting Materials

Several types of conventional planting material exist which includes: Peeper: a small sucker emerging from the soil. Sword sucker: a large sucker with lanceolated leaves also known as the best conventional planting material. Maiden sucker: This is a large sucker with foliage leaves. Bits: These are pieces of a chopped corm. A new and most promising planting material consists of in-vitro plants which are small maiden suckers produced from meristem culture. Planting material can be collected from: (a) An existing field, preferably an old field which is becoming unproductive. Otherwise…

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Plantain Mulching

Organic matter is essential for plantain cultivation . External sources of mulch can consist of elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum), which is rich in potassium, or cassava peelings, wood shavings, palm bunch refuse, dried weeds, kitchen refuse, and so on. Collecting and transporting mulch are expensive in time and labor. The most convenient source consists of plants growing inside the plantain fields if they produce a great deal of organic matter without competing with the plantains. Suitable mulch material can be obtained from trees which were slashed when the fields were…

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41 Top Agricultural Business Ideas with Small StartUp

Complete Step By Step Guide on How to Setup a Successful Farm

Making money from an agricultural business requires some experience in developing a business. Before you decide on an idea, create a business plan that includes research on market demand for the products you grow and how to get them to the market. You’ll also need a proper financing plan, as most agricultural business investments require access to large area of land and farm equipment to get started. Below compiled are the most profitable agriculture business ideas which can help those entrepreneurs in deciding their preferred business to start with and…

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Plantain Fertilizer Application

A bunch of Matured Plantain

The plantain crop always benefits from the use of fertilizer (table 1). The yield from fertilized plants can be up to 10 times higher than that from unfertilized plants. The amount of fertilizer needed depends on soil fertility and soil type. General recommendations cannot be made as these should be based on soil or leaf analysis and the results of fertilizer experiments. Since potassium and nitrogen are easily leached, they should always be applied at regular intervals (split applications) during the growing (rainy) season. Other important nutrients are phosphate, calcium…

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Plantain Cultivars

So far, At least 116 plantain cultivars have been identified in the West and Central Africa. Meanwhile the plant size and bunch type are the most important characteristics for production purposes. The plant size depends on the number of leaves produced before flowering as giant produces more than 38 foliage leaves; medium between 32 and 38 foliage leaves; small fewer than 32 foliage leaves. For field cultivation, medium plantains should be preferred to giant ones even though giant plantains produce heavier bunches. Giant plantains take longer to produce and are…

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