How to Treat Sore Hocks (Pododermatitis) in Rabbits

There is this very common problem in pet rabbits called Sore hocks which is also known as pododermatitis. This occurs when the bottom of a rabbit’s foot develops sores that eventually become inflamed and infected. Some factors that can contribute to sore hocks include: excess weight and wire mesh cage flooring. Sore hocks can be extremely painful for rabbits, making immediate treatment very important. Therefore, it is recommended that If your rabbit has sore hocks, treat its feet as soon as possible by using medication and addressing the underlying cause…

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Different Classes of Snail Feed Based on their Nutritional Requirements


Although Snails feed very well on fruits and vegetables, I will like to use this medium to share with you all that snails feed is not only limited to natural feed alone. Snails can also feed on formulated feeds which contains 80% of the nutritional requirements for snails and also help to boost overall growth and well-being of snails as it relates to commercial snail Farming. Now, let us discuss in details the Different Classes of Snail Feed Based on their Nutritional Requirements below: 1. Carbohydrate: Just as humans need…

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Cold (Snuffle) as a Common Disease of Rabbit

This is a local infection of the nostril of rabbits. It is characterized by a watery or mucoid discharge from the nostril. Causes: 1. Build up of ammonia fumes in buildings. 2. Pasteurella organisms. 3. Excessive dust particular of feed, hay or grasses. Symptoms: 1. Lack of appetite in does. 2. Coughing. 3. Milk production decline. Control: 1. Isolation of sick rabbits. 2. Culling of sick frequently catching cold. 3. Sound feeding program. 4. Good ventilation to get rid of gas emanating. 5. Avoid damp cages and damp straw. 6.…

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