Oil Crops

Buy your Hybrid “Tenera” Oil-Palm Seedlings

Oil crops are those types of plants which are grown mainly for the oil they produce. For example: soybeans, canola, avocados, grapes, and almonds. Soybeans, peanuts, sunflowers, and canola are mainly used to produce edible oils. Sunflowers are used to produce sunflower oils, peanuts are used to produce peanut oil (Ground nut oil) which is widely used to fry foods in many countries. Canola is used to produce Canola oil while Soybeans are used to produce Soya bean oil. There are some major oils which are widely edible oil production…

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NatnuPreneur farmers enjoy 37.5% profit per Annum on investment – Adewole


The CO-ORDINATOR of natnudO Foods’ broiler out-grower scheme tagged “natnuPreneur”, Mr. Gbolade Adewole, has disclosed that farmers registered under the six-seven week broiler production scheme, have consistently enjoyed between 7.5 and 15 per cent profit on investment per cycle. He said there was a potential to conclude five cycles per year as efficient farmers stand to make between 37.5 to 75 per cent profit per annum, making natnuPreneur “broiler out-grower” the most profitable poultry scheme in the country. The state of the art Olam poultry feed mill in Chikpiri Gabas…

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