The Ideal Number of Blocks above Ground level in constructing a Poultry Pen House

poultry farm

Today, we are going to discuss about the ideal number of blocks above ground level in constructing a poultry pen house. Most farmers often want to know how many courses of blocks they are supposed to raise above the ground level, this is a very good question as many farmers normally raise blocks very high above the ground level and this usually prevents birds from having access to good ventilation. The ideal courses of blocks to be raised above the ground level is either 1 or 2 blocks at most above…

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How to prevent Soldier Ants from invading your Poultry House

Soldier ants are other pests that should not be taken for granted in a poultry house as they have devoured thousands of birds in the past. As part of the poultry house, a water way should be made round the pen and water should be available on the water way always. This will prevent soldier ants from crossing and having access to the birds. Army ants (commonly called Soldier Ants) are little living organisms that could destroy your animals or raise great havoc. Thus, they must be considered as a…

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