Different Types of Poultry Feeds

How much to spend on feeding your poultry birds

The poultry feeds that birds eat largely depend on the type of birds you are raising and for what purpose the birds are being raised which is why the poultry feeds are classified according to the different type of birds we have and their purpose of production below. Broilers feeds are divided into two which are Broilers Starter Mash which are being given to the birds from the Day 1 and Broilers Finisher Mash which are being given to the birds when they must have come of age. Cockerel’s feeds…

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How to Prevent the effect of Excess Cold and Excess Heat in a Poultry House

Below are the different ways that poultry farmers can prevent the effect of excess cold and excess heat in their poultry house. Am sure every poultry farmer will like to know how they can prevent the effect of cold during the rainy season and heat during the dry season in their poultry houses. Well as part of what should be in a poultry house, thick nylon should be attached round the pen and it should be long enough to cover all the parts of the pen that are made of…

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