How to increase Goats Milk

What is a dairy goat? What do dairy goats like to eat? Which goat gives more milk?

Goats milk can be increased through carrying out the proper routine farm management practices in your farm, Milk your goats every 12 hours on a regular schedule. Ensure that the milking area is away from the dust of the housing and feed areas. Wash the udder and teats with warm water and an udder washing solution (available from farm stores), and dry thoroughly. This promotes clean milk but just as importantly stimulates milk “let-down.” Milking might seem difficult at first, but most people get the hang of it after a…

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Introduction to Plantains and their Environment

Plantains (Musa spp., AAB genome) are plants producing fruits that remain starchy at maturity (Marriot and Lancaster, 1983; Robinson, 1996) and need processing before consumption. Plantain production in Africa is estimated at more than 50% of worldwide production (FAO, 1990). The majority (82%) of plantains in Africa are produced in the area stretching from the lowlands of Guinea and Liberia to the central basin of the Democratic Republic of Congo. West and Central Africa contribute 61 and 21%, respectively (FAO, 1986). It is estimatedthat about 70 million people in West…

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