Bird flu in the Poultry Farm and How to tackle it

Often times I smile when some intending farmers walk up to me and tell me that they would love to raise birds but that they are afraid of bird flu, well you don’t need to be afraid of bird flu because it is just like any other diseases of poultry. The reason why there is a lot of noise about it is because it can affect human beings. Therefore rather than being afraid, try and know all the possible ways of preventing the disease from your farm. Thou as at…

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Complete List and Importance of Chemical Fertilizers for Crops

Time and Methods of Fertilizer Application on Crops

1) Nitrogenous Fertilizers The nitrogen in many straight and compound fertilizers is in the ammonium (NH₄ ions) form, but this is quickly changed by the bacteria in the soil to the nitrate (NO₂ ions) form. Most crop plants such as cereals take up and respond to the NO₃ ions faster than to the NH₄ ions, but some crops, such as rice, potatoes and grasses, are equally responsive to both forms. On the basis of the chemical form in which nitrogen is combined with other element in a fertilizer, nitrogenous fertilizers…...

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Importance of Poultry Management Practices

Ideal poultry feeding troughs you need

When handling poultry birds as a poultry farmer, you have to be very careful as your management practices goes a long way with regards to the success or failure of your investment, do not make the mistake of relying on your staff (s) for everything or say as a farmer because you have a lot of people working for you beginning from the Manager to the least person required as workers in the farm that you the owner of the farm is free, “ I am boldly telling you that…

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