How to Use Mulches to control Weeds on your Garden

Suppressing weeds with a layer of mulches is without a doubt one of the best organic weed control tips out there. But, mulching only works if you do it right. 1. Apply mulch early in the season, before annual weed seeds germinate. If you wait too long, weed seeds with already have germinated and they will grow right up through the layer of mulch. Don’t mulch until you get rid of all existing weeds first. This means taking the time to pull or otherwise remove any and all weeds, not…

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Systems of Cattle Production

Cattle production’s long history and milk production was not always the ultimate goal. Keeping cows and oxen for draughting purposes and for the production of natural manure was as important as for milk and beef production even in Europe till the mid of the twentieth century. This is the reason that quite a number of European breeds are well muscled and have sound feet and legs. Modern breeding programs combined with artificial insemination (AI) were applied in most of the breeds, improving milk yield and beef performance at the same…...

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How Guava Fruits and Leaves Improve Female Fertility

Guava fruits and guava leaves improve female fertility: Having babies has been the problems of many homes, situation that might tear down young homes. Children do act as mediator between the father and the mother and sometimes become the link to their stay together. Some couples might face difficulty in getting babies especially the inability of the woman to be pregnant. Suggested medication to trigger hormones in the woman’s womb help to some extent. There’s one substance present in Guava called ‘ folate ‘ by scientists. They found out that…

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