Risks in Purchasing a Pregnant Cow

When some ruminant farmers ask if I can advice their buying a pregnant cow, well I won’t really say is such a bad idea because you may be lucky the animal may give you a very good result while on the other hand, it may turn out to be a problem. I will personally counsel against it because if a pregnant cow is dead, the meaning is that you have lost the money that would have been used in purchasing about 4 to 5 weaners and since we are here…

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Strategies for Improving Cattle Production

The Situation: Communal cattle production grazing of the natural range is the primary source of herd nutrition and there is an inverse relationship between actual stocking density and range carrying capacity. This is largely due to the incidence of tsetse fly which requires a certain degree of humidity to survive so that infested areas have relatively good rainfall and a high natural forage growing potential. Serious overstocking occurs within these areas of cattle concentration to the extent that malnutrition is the single most important disease affecting cattle in Nigeria at…...

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Best Age to Buy Ruminants for Raising

Ruminant Farmers always ask “At what age is best to buy ruminants one intends to raise”? Well the best time to buy them is usually after they are weaned. For cattle, I will recommend any time after 6 months, for sheep and goat, they can be purchased anytime after 2 months. However, if one is interested in buying adult animals especially those that have been giving birth before, one must take time to know why the farmer is selling and the reproductive history of the animal in question. This is…

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