Newcastle Disease: Symptoms and Prevention

Newcastle disease has for several years been recognized as a leading cause of loss to poultry farmers, it’s deadly to birds. In laying birds, Newcastle disease may cause a temporary stoppage of egg production lasting 4-6weeks. It is one of the major diseases of poultry, present in almost every country in the world and causing economic losses because of high levels of mortality, decreased production and trading embargos. Newcastle Disease is a highly contagious viral infection that affects many species of domestic and wild birds to varying degrees. Domestic fowl, turkeys, pigeons and…

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Gumboro Disease: Symptoms and Prevention

Gumboro Disease in Poultry: Symptoms and Prevention

Gumboro Disease also known as Infectious bursal disease (IBD) threatens poultry farmers mostly because it is a killer type of disease. It is an acute infectious disease that is common with chicks of 3-6 weeks old. Gumboro disease disturbs the growth of broilers in most severe manners. Symptoms: Birds infected with Gumboro disease would not be able to feed well and start to pass out watery whitish diarrhea. The feathers would become ruffled and appear very sluggish. Prevention:  To prevent the outbreak of Gumboro disease, you must make sure that…

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