Guide on Starting a Watermelon Farm


Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) may be a soft, long-season crop and member of the Cucurbitaceae family, which also include squash, pumpkin, cucumber, muskmelon and gourd. The origin of the species is traced back and said to be originated from the Kalahari Desert in Africa with evidence of early cultivation in Ancient Egypt. Up until today, the crop is grown in semi-desert districts of Africa as an important source of water during the dry season and its demand is very high which is very encouraging to farmers. The crops can be breed…

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Regions where Oil Palms should be Cultivated for Maximum Profit

Buy your Hybrid “Tenera” Oil-Palm Seedlings

Oil palms are cultivated in the regions where they grow well and where there are oil mills. Palm oil production has boomed over the last decades driven by increasing use as frying oil, as an ingredient in processed food and non-edible products (detergents and cosmetics), and more recently in biodiesel production.  To enhance the performance and growth, the oil palm needs a region. 1. Where it is hot all the year round The oil palm grows well where it is hot all the year round: between 25 and 28 degrees…

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