Garri Processing and Reasons why Garri Business is a very profitable agribusiness to venture into

Garri Processing

Garri is processed from cassava tubers, and has become a much wanted staple food in Nigeria and some other parts of the world. Once considered to be food for the poor, garri is gradually slipping out of the reach of ordinary Nigerians who sometimes cannot do without helping themselves to a plate of eba (or garri flour mixed in hot water) or its soaked version every day. Someone once shared with me that the businesses that will continue as long as human civilisation remains are those businesses that meet the…

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Vaccination Program for Broiler Chickens

Broiler poultry feeds formulation

Below is the vaccination program for Broiler chickens. Meanwhile, you must be aware that certain emergency occurrences might require sudden treatment or vaccination of your flock therefore I will advice that you always carry an expert along. Daily/Weekly Broilers Vaccination 1-5days N.D.V Intra Ocular (i/o) Vaccine 1-7days Antibiotics and Multivitamins 11-13days Anti-Coccidial (1st) 14th day Vitamins 15-16days Anti-Gumboro (1st) 17-19days Vitamins 21st day N.D.V (Lasota) Vaccine 22-23days Vitamins 24-26days Anti-Coccidial (2nd) 27th day Vitamins 28-30days Anti-Gumboro (2nd) 31-32days Vitamins 37-41days Anti-C.R.D Vaccine 42-43days Vitamins 44-46days Anti-Coccidial (3rd) 47th day Vitamins…

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