Basil – Importance and Health Benefits

Basil - Importance and Health Benefits

Basil is an aromatic herb in the mint family that anti-inflammatory, anti-stress and antibacterial properties. It also works as a pain reliever, blood vessel protector, immune booster and cancer fighter. Basil contains essential oils that are rich in antioxidants and are responsible for the many benefits of basil as discussed below: The Proven Health Benefits of Basil Scientific studies show the following benefits of basil: Anti-inflammatory Antioxidant Cancer-fighter Pain-reducer (analgesic) Fever-reducer (antipyretic) Diabetes-preventer Liver-protector (hepatoprotective) Blood vessel-protector Anti-stress solution Immune-booster Basil contains antioxidant-rich volatile essential oils, which are considered hydrophobic. This means they…

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The Different Aspects of Agriculture

Aspects of Agriculture

Agriculture, in recent times, has gained a lot of attention from International Authorities such as the FAO, IMF, World Bank and UNICEF. Not only is the research into the development of easier, safer and faster farming processes on the rise, there is also a lot of focus on the development of healthier, and purer agricultural varieties; all of these efforts geared towards the promotion of vitality and health. Perhaps you’ve always wondered: The Different Aspects of Agriculture What else can I do as an Agricultural Business if I can’t go…

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