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8 Hypo Allergenic Cat Breeds (Hypoallergenic Cats) and Care Guide

Although you may have given up on owning a cat if you have allergies, but did you know that some cat breeds are hypoallergenic cats (hypo allergenic cat) and may not even give rise your allergies? 

Having a cat as a pet may be completely out of the question if you have a cat allergy. Itchy eyes and sneezing can sometimes be brought on by just seeing a cat, according to some people.

It’s crucial to realize that there are no truly hypoallergenic cats, likely because there aren’t any typical allergic people either. Since everyone has different allergies, not everyone will be affected by the same cats that causes allergies.

Cat allergies can be brought on by a variety of factors; some people are allergic to the cat’s hair, while others are allergic to the house dust that the cat’s fur collects.

However, it is believed that a large number of individuals are allergic to the “Fel d 1” proteins that are present in cat saliva, hair, and skin. All cats make this protein, and male cats make more than female cats do, especially if they aren’t neutered.

Since there aren’t any cats specifically designed to be anti-allergy, it’s advised that anyone with allergies should spend some time around their preferred breed to determine whether or not they are triggered by it.

Your mind will be at ease as a result, and you will feel secure in agreeing to let them live with you and share your home to know whether they will give rise to allergy.

8 Hypo Allergenic Cat Breeds (Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds) and Care Guide

The most popular hypoallergenic cat breeds (hypoallergenic cat list) including the long hair hypoallergenic cats are listed further down;

1. Those from Bali

8 Hypo Allergenic Cat Breeds (Hypoallergenic Cats) and Care Guide

The Balinese, also known as the long-haired Siamese, are known for being intelligent, flexible, and sociable, but not overly demanding. It is believed that a spontaneous mutation led to the Balinese when a Siamese cat gave birth to long-haired kittens.

These cats are sociable with other animals, kids, and people, and they enjoy a healthy mix of play and rest.

According to rumor, Balinese cats are excellent for people with allergies because they contain less of the Fel d 1 protein. In addition, these cats don’t shed often and only need occasional maintenance on their long coats.

2. Siberian Cats

8 Hypo Allergenic Cat Breeds (Hypoallergenic Cats) and Care Guide

The Siberian cat is another cat breed that is thought to have less Fel d 1 protein than other cat breeds, similar to the Balinese. Large cats with a variety of colors are the siberians. Weekly brushing is necessary to maintain the triple coat on these cats.

Seasonal shedding occurs in Siberian cats, and daily brushing will help maintain the health of their coats, particularly the undercoat and reduce allergens during this time.

These cats are intelligent, attentive, and self-sufficient in terms of personality. They enjoy learning new things and solving problems on their own. Children, other animals, and guests are all treated with kindness, and they enjoy having company.

3. Oriental Shorthairs Cat

8 Hypo Allergenic Cat Breeds (Hypoallergenic Cats) and Care Guide

Despite the fact that the Oriental breed comes in both shorthair and longhair varieties, Oriental Shorthairs are thought to be more suitable for people who suffer from cat allergies due to their short coats.

These felines have soft, low-shedding coats that are easy to maintain. Shedding can be reduced and the coat’s appearance can improved with regular brushing and maintenance.

The talkative, active, and outgoing personalities of Oriental Shorthairs are well known. Due to their social nature, these cats will need playtime or other forms of activity to keep them entertained.

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With another pet who can keep up with their energy or with members of their family, Oriental Shorthairs adore developing strong bonds of friendship.

4. The Devon Rex Cats

The Devon Rex has thinner, finer hair than many other cat breeds, and they sheds less as well. The Devon Rex cat doesn’t typically need much grooming attention.

 These felines have a lot of energy and enjoy using it. When happy, they are known to purr or meow loudly. They adore participating in whatever you are doing.

You should keep an eye out for your Devon Rex cat because they are also rumoured to be a little mischievous and could get into mischief.

5. The Cornish Rex Cats

The Cornish Rex has a curly, close-to-the-body fur. These short, thin coats, which are low shedders like the Devon Rex, are frequently more tolerable to allergy sufferers.

They are playful, energetic cats who enjoy having a good time. The breed enjoys being picked up, as they are athletic and inquisitive, unlike many cats. The attention-seeking nature of Cornish Rex cats makes them follow you from place to place.

6. Javanese Cats

8 Hypo Allergenic Cat Breeds (Hypoallergenic Cats) and Care Guide

Javanese cats, which resemble Siamese and are renowned for their vocal nature, they are descended from a cross between a Balinese and a Colorpoint Shorthair. When spoken to, these chatty cats may respond with a meow or may just start talking at random.

Javanese cats love to take advantage of their natural curiosity by exploring cabinets or drawers if they can. They are intelligent and athletic, and they are excellent jumpers. They have no undercoat but they have short, easy-care coats.

Regular brushing will help reduce allergens since Javanese cats are known to be among the breeds with the least amount of shed haisr.

7. The Sphynx Cat Breeds

Despite they lack  hair, these cats are frequently one of the first cat breeds that allergy sufferers think of, these cats are not as hypoallergenic as you might think. Sphynx produce dirt or hair like all cats do, but it can be reduced by giving them regular baths, which also help keep their skin from getting greasy.

Sphynx cats have a playful mischievous nature and are sociable and outgoing. Along with intelligence and curiosity, this breed enjoys receiving praise. The loyalty and devotion of these cats to their masters is comparable to that of a dog and other cats.

8. The Burmese cat

The Burmese cat is a friendly, sociable, and occasionally stubborn cat that enjoys interacting with kids, other cats, and even dogs. Because they are intelligent and like to play, these cats won’t enjoy being left alone at home, especially if there isn’t anything to keep them occupied.

Burmese cats have short, silky-feeling and soft coats, and even though their shedding tends to be on the lower end of the scale compared to some of the other breeds in this article, they are still quite low. Although these cats require little maintenance in terms of grooming, and daily brushing will help keep their coats healthy and tidy, just like many other cats.

In conclusion, if you or a member of your family suffers from allergies, just  start by looking into cat breeds with little shedding and little grooming requirements, or those that we consider hypoallergenic, is a great place to start.

All cats, however, are unique, so it’s ultimately impossible to say with certainty whether or not a particular breed or cat will cause a reaction.

As a result, to get more information and insight into your particular situation as you try to choose the best cat for you, it can be useful to speak with breeders, veterinarians, or other experts.

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