9 Healing Powers of Siam Weed (Awolowo Leaves)

God gave us a wonderful nature filled with good things we require for a good life for our health therefore utilizing them is solely dependent on us humans to identify them and make good use of them. That is why today, we will be discussing about the healing powers of one of the amazing plants that the earth is endowed with.

Common name: Siam Weed, bitter bush, Christmas bush, Chromolaena, archangel. camphor grass, common floss flower, communist green.

Botanical name: Chromolaena Odorata.

Local name: acheampong (Ghana) Ewé Akintọla (Akintọla’s leaf) Ewé Awolọwọ (Awolọwọ’s leaf), (Yoruba) Obiara Ohuu, Ewu ata (Igbo) Devil weed (Australia) diabantou (Congo) Sekou you’re (cote d’ivoire) ashoke lata (India), Gautan Kaji (Hausa), Armstrong weed (South Africa) Independence leaf” or “Queen Elizabeth weed”.

In Igboland is called “Obiarakara” meaning, “stranger which arrived and started lording” – evidence of its sudden arrival on our shores!
So why all these names – Akintọla, Awolọwọ, Obiarakara, Independence, Queen Elizabeth?

Well, according to research, it suddenly appeared in Nigeria circa 1960 . No record of the plant growing anywhere in Nigeria before the year of independence (1960) . This plant is actually one of the weeds plants or parasites that comes from the Asteraceae family.

The Nutritional Content in Awolowo leaves (Chromolaena Odorata) Leaves include the following: Phenol, Alkaloids, Triterpenoid, Tannin, Flavonoid, Limone


1. Cyst Medicine

There are many health benefits and healing powers of Chromolaena Odorata leaves. The chromolaena odorata is very useful for those of you who wants to heal cyst effectively.

2. Pain relief

Taking half glass cup in the morning and evening for a week, will definitely deliver anyone from body/back pain.

3. Treatment of various injuries & stops bleeding
Ways of making

Provide a few leaves of leaves Chromolaena odorata ( the leaves must be young).
Clean off the stool (leaves always clean without washing).
Pound or puree (bracelet) uses the hand (because it is more effective using a hand).
Add a little water (ordinary water or water used usually spit own water).
After that, squeeze and wound medicine from Chromolaena odorata leaves ready for use.

How to use:

Clean the wound from dirt or blood
Stick it on the wound,then bandage It

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4. Alternative medicine for Diabetes Mellitus disease
Ways of making

Provide a few leaves of leaves Chromolaena odorata (11 strand)
Clean off the stool (can with washing).
Insert the leaf into the pan
Cooked with 2 cups water to boiling water and 1 cup of water

How to use:

Take its water boiled drink everyday one glass

Healing Powers of Siam Weed (Awolowo Leaves)
Healing Powers of Siam Weed (Awolowo Leaves)

5. Treat peptic ulcers

Ways of making:

Provide a few leaves of leaves Chromolaena odorata (11 strand)
Puree / squeeze until the water (green water) came out
And accommodate in a glass. You can add a pinch of salt.

How to use:

A water squeeze drink everyday half glass
That is how to make a medicine / herb from natural nampong leaves, very easy without the slightest cost, and of course the benefits are guaranteed

6. Prevent Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is one of the diseases that is very dangerous for women. To prevent yourself from developing the disease, you can drink the chromolaena odorata tea

7. Maintain the Health of Reproduction Organ on Women

The health of reproduction organs is one of the very important thing that needs to be aware of. To maintain the health of it, you can drink the chromolaena odorata brewed water

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8. Prevent Diabetes

Not only to maintain the health of reproduction organ of women, the chromolaena odorata leaves can also prevent diabetes.
Are you diabetic???
Chromolina Oduratum has the healing powers to cure it.

How to use it:

Step 1: Just get some of the leaves, rinse /clean it with water and bring it out from the water immediately, then squeeze it vigorously with your palms or mortar and pestle without adding water.

Step 2. Sieve it and let it settled.

Step 3. Pour it into an empty can of Peak milk, until it is full (if chronic), but if not, make it half .

Step 4. Pour the sieved Chromolina Oduratum into an empty cup, and mix it with a peak milk.

Step 5. Shake the mixture, so that both will mix, and drink it three times daily.

Note: It must be finished within a day.

Same process must be repeated daily or three times in a week for three weeks, or four weeks, (Depending on your financial capability to buy peak milk)and the improvement.

After three or four weeks of usage, go for check up at a nearby hospital, you will return home happily by God’s grace!

9. Maintain the Heart’s Health

It is important for us to maintain the health of our heart to make sure it can always work well. To avoid the diseases that are related to heart, you can consume the chromolaena odorata leaves.

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