9 Rare Interesting Facts About King Cobras

King cobras scientifically known as “Ophiophagus hannah” are amongst the most interesting animals in the world. They are very popular due to their iconic and recognizable look. However, this article will be an eye-opener to some of the wonderful and interesting facts about king cobras.

In Asia, king cobras are very important as they serve as a cultural symbol. King cobras are interesting reptiles but also dangerous. Therefore, we’ll be sharing useful tips and facts on king cobras.

Although, king cobras are a bit complicated as they are very dangerous and at the same time interesting reptiles.

9 Interesting Facts About King Cobras (Ophiophagus hannah)

9 Rare Interesting Facts About King Cobras

1. King Cobra Is The Largest Venomous Snake in the World!

However, some researchers, believe that the snake can only grow to an optimum length of about 20ft. You should also know that the largest discovered specimen of king cobra was close to the largest possible snake on earth!

Although, the king cobra is not the largest of all snakes in the world. Both the Anaconda and reticulated python may surpass the king cobra in terms of length.

2. They Are Said To Have a “Neurotoxin” Venom

The king cobra uses a neurotoxic venom that damages the nervous system. When injected with this venom, a human will suffer multiple types of nervous system failures. These can lead to cardiac arrest and the inability to breathe.

The king cobra possesses a venom called neurotoxic. This venom is capable of damaging the nervous system.

According to medical experts, when someone gets injected with this venom, that individual will start to suffer multiple types of nervous failures. These can however lead to a cardiac arrest and inability to breathe.

There is also another venom called the ‘hemotoxic venom’, that kills both muscles and blood cells. The king cobra venom also stands in contrast with this venom.

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3. King Cobras Are the Only Snake That Builds a Nest for Their Young

King cobras protect their young from harm while rarely eating themselves. They rarely eat themselves as they can be very protective. They protect their young from harm.

However, king cobras are widely known for building a nest for their young before they are born. They are also capable of laying up to 40 eggs at a time and these eggs are placed in nests that include vegetation.

The nest where the eggs are kept is usually camouflaged by the items used in its construction. The snake will then cover the eggs by resting on top of it, they’re using its deadly bite to frighten away other creatures that might make them feel endangered.

4. They Rarely Eat Each Other, But They Eat Each Other!

9 Rare Interesting Facts About King Cobras

When it comes to cannibalism, king cobras are high on the list as they consume both their specie and other species like python, rat snake, and others. Although, king cobras will often consume snakes that do not pose much of a threat to them.

Their cannibalism might just reduce the number of dangerous snakes lurking in areas with humans.

5. The King Cobra Specie is Not a True Cobra

Have you heard of the Indian cobra? Well, this specie looks very similar to king cobras specie. The Indian cobra belongs to its own to its genus called the “Ophiophagus”.

However, you should also know that the king cobras share their ability to spread their neck and also draw their selves up as part of the threat response. The Indian cobra is also referred to as the king cobra because of its large structure, so don’t get confused about which is the true king cobra.

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6. These Snakes Can Live for 20 Years

King cobras are said to live in places with other deadly wildlife. Although one fact about this dangerous reptile is that it mostly exists in places that pose a great threat to their hood. These snakes can survive in tougher conditions.

Therefore, king cobra can survive for 20 years in the wild, they can even live more than that if they are cared for in captivity.

7. A Single Bite From a Venom Can Kill An Elephant or Even Over 20 People

King cobras with no doubt have the most dangerous and deadliest bites in the world. Meanwhile, when compared to the Indian cobra, they don’t kill as much as the Indian cobra does.

However, when a king cobra bites, it injects enough of its potent venom. Even an elephant can survive the bite of a cobra. King cobras are no snakes to be trifled with because they are incredibly deadly and powerful.

8. King Cobras’ Hoods Aren’t Always Spread Out

Globally, most people believe that king cobras have flared hoods all the time. Until they are threatened, king cobras have a relatively small head.

They will flex the muscles and expand the ribs on their neck to create the iconic hooded look as part of their threat response.

9. King Cobras Fear the Mongoose

The mongoose preys on the king cobra, and they achieve this very successfully. Mongooses are very hard clients for cobras due to the fact they have an excessive degree of agility.

All the mongoose needs to do is to get behind the cobra, harass it to make the snake turn the right way, and then move in for the kill! Mongooses are believed to have some immunity to the cobra’s venom, but they cannot survive repeated bites.

They have little room for error when they’re hunting these deadly snakes, but they’re very good at it.

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