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9 Unique Health Benefits and Uses of Palm Oil

The oil palm’s fleshy fruit is where palm oil is obtained from. Due to its reddish-orange hue, unrefined palm oil is frequently referred to as red palm oil. The Elaeis guineensis is indigenous to the coastal nations of West and Southwest Africa, including Angola, Gabon, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and others, is the primary source of palm oil.

The fruit of the oil palm is used to make palm oil. Although it has been a significant type of oil for many centuries, it has recently risen to become one of the most produced oils in the world. This is due to how versatile palm oil is.

9 Unique Health Benefits and Uses of Palm oil

9 Unique Health Benefits and uses of Palm oil

However, it’s not just the oil’s production that is controversial, studies conflict on whether palm oil can provide health benefits or not, in this article we provide you with 20 health benefits of palm oil.

Some of the health benefits of palm oil include:

1. Protecting Brain function

The vitamin E found in palm oil has been connected to improved brain health. This form of vitamin E, known as tocotrienol, has been shown to protect brain tissue from dangerous free radicals more effectively than other antioxidants.

In fact, one study showed that palm oil tocotrienols may even halt the progression of brain lesions. Yet, more studies are needed to further support these findings.

2. Reducing Heart Disease risk factors

According to certain research, palm oil’s vitamin E may also help heart health. Some patients’ heart disease progression appears to be slowed or even stopped by the antioxidant properties of the vitamin E present in palm oil. While more research is required to confirm this result, palm oil extract might be helpful for persons with heart disease.

3. Improved vitamin A status

Because red palm oil is high in carotenoids, which the body may convert into vitamin A, it may also aid persons who are vitamin A deficient or at danger of becoming so.

In a tiny study, it was shown that eating two to three tablespoons of red palm oil every day for eight weeks increased the blood levels of vitamin A in persons with cystic fibrosis, a condition that makes it difficult to absorb fat-soluble vitamins.

Adding red palm oil to your diet may raise your body’s level of vitamin A in both children and adults, according to another evaluation of nine high-quality studies.

4. Good for Pregnant Women

Lack of vitamin can be dangerous for a pregnant woman and to the unborn child that is why gynecologists always advise pregnant women to consume foods with vitamins more.Therefore Red palm oil contains vitamins A, D, and E that are very beneficial to health.

5. Contains Many Nutrients

It is no thought that the content of nutrients in palm oil is very much higher than other cooking oil. It contains a much nutritional value that has a lot of benefits to health.

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6. Reduces Cancer Risk

The antioxidants in palm oil have several health benefits, including preventing stroke and having anti-cancer characteristics that squelch free radicals that can turn healthy cells in the body into cancerous ones.

Tocotrienol, an antioxidant found in red palm oil and an effective anticancer nutrient, aids in stifling the body’s very dangerous free radicals and keeps them from oxidatively injuring the body’s critical organs.

7. Nourishes the Skin and Hair

Red palm oil is beneficial for the skin and hair because it nourishes and shields them from dryness. As a result of these advantages, it is frequently used in the manufacturing of cosmetics and other types of beauty goods.

Red palm oil is used to make palm kernel oil, which is used to condition, straighten, thicken, and stop hair loss in the hair. When used as a hair treatment, it enhances hair texture and leaves hair healthy and strong.

Due to the tocotrienols and carotenes that help to build up the skin’s epidermis and shield it from damaging ultraviolet rays, adding red oil to your diet can benefit your skin as well reduces the risk of cancer of the skin.

8. Contains Unsaturated Fat

Fats is beneficial to health as it provides energy, dietary fats help the body in the effective absorption of food nutrients and more, thus, palm oil contains a lot of such fats which can provide the body with the functions for cell growth and more.

But consuming a lot of it can make the fats especially saturated fats to cause an increase in the cholesterol levels which is not good for the heart, and can lead to weight gain among others.

9. Highly Rich in Vitamin K

The body requires vitamin K as a vital nutrient to promote blood clotting (coagulation), grow bones, and control blood calcium levels. To make prothrombin, a protein that aids in the clotting process, the body needs vitamin K.

According to studies, vitamin K improves insulin levels, prevents heart disease, diabetes, numerous cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, and osteoporosis.

It is recommended to use red palm oil in our cooking because it has a high vitamin K content and has these advantages.

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