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Advantages of Chicken Breeding

1. Chicken provides one of the best models to test the theory and practice principles of breeding. Some of the advantages are:

2. Breeding practices aim at genetic improvement of the poultry through successive generations.

3. Poultry breeding improves those qualities that have a definite market value, such as increased egg product and egg weight, etc.

4. Breeding concentrates on the animal: what it really is, what it received from its progenitors, and what it will pass to its offspring.

5. It shortens generation intervals.

6. It involves some modifications to the animals’ external environment (nutrition, health, and husbandry systems).

Traits of Economic Importance

1. Egg production (layers)

2. Egg weight (layers)

3. Body size and conformation (broilers)

4. Feed efficiency (Broilers and Layer)

5. Fertility/ hatchability (broilers layers).

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