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41 Top Agricultural Business Ideas with Small StartUp

Making money from an agricultural business requires some experience in developing a business. Before you decide on an idea, create a business plan that includes research on market demand for the products you grow and how to get them to the market.

You’ll also need a proper financing plan, as most agricultural business investments require access to large area of land and farm equipment to get started.

Below compiled are the most profitable agriculture business ideas which can help those entrepreneurs in deciding their preferred business to start with and make money from within a very short period.

The Top 41 Lucrative Agricultural Business ideas include:

1. Flour Milling

You can start your own flour milling business and start converting grains like wheat, corns, millet and cassava into flour. Wheat flour is a product that is in high demand in the baking industry.

Flour milling is something you can do from the convenience of your home if you have a small space that you can mark out for it. If you do not have space within your home, you can rent a small space and start from there and as your business expands, you can opt for a larger space.

You can easily get wheat, corns, millet or cassava from local farmers, and then learn how to process it and make it into flour. Some of the procedures include cleaning, grading and separation, tempering and then grinding the wheat.

2. Fruit Juice or Jam Production

Our fore-fathers used to make their own jam and fruit juice at home by themselves before some smart investors recognized the business potential of these items and started making processed and packaged fruit juice and jam for sale.

As a young entrepreneur, you can start making your own fruit juice or jam and supply them to supermarkets and food stores around you.

There is huge demand for natural fruit juice now as more people are now learning how to eat healthy and avoid artificial and overly preserved foods and drinks.

You can buy fruits in large quantity from local farmers and make your own natural healthy fruit juice at home.

3. Groundnut Processing

Groundnut is a popular snack that is loved by very many people. Take a trip to a nearby supermarket and you will see bottled groundnuts branded and packaged in a fanciful way.

Very little effort goes into frying and packaging those groundnuts for sale and distribution. With as little as $200, you can start your own groundnut processing and packaging business. And of course, you can do it from the comfort of your home.

If you can start your own groundnut farm, you will get access to groundnuts cheaply but if you don’t have a space for groundnut farming, you can still get cheap raw groundnuts from farm markets.

4. Cashew Nut Processing

Cashew nut processing and packaging is similar to groundnut processing, the only difference is that cashew nuts are more expensive and difficult to get than groundnuts.

Raw cashew nuts are readily available in local village farms and markets where you can purchase them, bring them home for processing and packaging and sell them at a good profit.

5. Livestock Feed Production

A lot of people are going into livestock farming like fish farming, pig farming, poultry farming and a whole lot of others. As a smart investor, you can start producing feed for people to feed their animals.

However, you must ensure that you carry out a lot of research and come up with a product that is rich in nutrients and would promote quick growth and good health of the animals.

To start a livestock feed production business, you will need a grinding machine, mixing machine, weighing machine, customized packing bags and raw materials for production.

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6. Quail egg Farming

Recently, a lot of people have come to discover the amazing health benefits of quail egg and a lot of people are now going into quail egg farming.

Depending on how you decide to go about it, Quail egg farming business can be started with less than $150

7. Mushroom Farming

It is similar to quail egg farming and not many people know that this business brings up to 500% profit. If you have a clean space in your home, you can start your own mushroom farming business today and start selling mushrooms to hotels, exporters and pharmaceutical companies in the next 21 days.

8. Snail Farming

Snail meat is a healthy alternative for meat. People who are on a diet or suffering from a health condition that prevents consumption of too much cholesterol usually turn to snail meat instead of meat.

9. Soya Beans Processing

Soya milk, soya flour, soya sauce, soya bean oil. Soya bean milk is a healthy and nutritious drink that is in high demand by health conscious people.

You can start a soya bean milk processing business for a little capital.

10. Agricultural Equipment Leasing

With the increase in people going into the agricultural business, you can make money from hiring out equipment like tractors, ploughs, sprayers, harvesters and irrigation machines to farmer.

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11. Spices Production

Spices used to make food like curry, thyme, cayenne pepper to mention a few are usually in high demand at food stores and supermarkets.

Take advantage of that by processing and packaging your own spices.

12. Poultry and Meat Production and Packaging

There is the general belief that manually packaged meat or poultry are not too hygienic because of the way they might have been handled.

A lot of people are now making good money from machine processed and packaged meat.

13. Medicinal and Herbal Plant Cultivation

Medicinal plants and herbs are in great demand both locally and for export. Growing medicinal herbs commercially is one of profitable agriculture business ideas.

Having sufficient land and knowledge about the herbs marketing, an entrepreneur can initiate medicinal herbs farming with moderate capital investment

14. Vegetable Farming

Vegetables are one of the highly consumed food items in the world. Starting a vegetable farm is one of the simplest and easiest businesses in the world with a high profit margin of up to 500%.

15. Aquaculture Farming

Catfish farming, Tilapia farming and crayfish farming are very good businesses for young people who are interested in agriculture.

16. Agricultural Brokerage and Consulting

You can start a business in agricultural brokerage by linking sellers of agricultural produce with buyers and get commission for it. You can also become a consultant and offer expert advice or organize training and seminars.

17. Hatchery

Another very good business for young entrepreneurs is starting a hatchery for eggs and selling day-old chicks to poultry farmers.

18. Florist

Fresh flowers are generally used for home decorations or event decorations and you can make money from growing flowers for sale.

An entrepreneur also can generate a substantial online sale by offering customers door-step delivery.

19. Facilitative services (credit, insurance, marketing, storage, processing, transportation, packing,distribution).

20. Fertilizer Distribution Business

Fertilizer distribution business in Nigeria is highly controlled by Government regulation. It is one of the profitable agriculture business ideas one can start with moderate capital investment.

21. Poultry Farming

Poultry farming in Africa has transformed into a techno-commercial industry from the status of backyard farming. Poultry farming is the fastest growing sector in agriculture and farming business.

41 Top Agricultural Business Ideas with Small StartUp

22. Bee Keeping

Beekeeping business opportunity demands day-to-day monitoring with close supervision to the bees. With the increasing awareness about the health, demand for honey is growing globally.

Beekeeping for selling honey and other products like wax is a profitable venture to start with less startup investment.

23. Export Business

An entrepreneur can start export business of farm produce by collecting them from local farmers. One can start this business from home location only having phone and computer with internet connection.

24. Micro nutrient Manufacturing – Folier and Soil Application

Micro nutrient has an immense potential in agriculture business. Having a strong distribution strategy, one can start this manufacturing business with substantial capital investment.

25. Botanical Pesticide

This is one of the most profitable agriculture business ideas. It is an essential and mandatory product for organic farming. The demand for this product is increasing highly.

26. Basket and Broom Production

Are very common products in rural agriculture scenario. An entrepreneur can start this business by sourcing these products from rural makers and after giving a ornamentation, it can be sold as utility or decor item through retail and online both.

To start profitable basket-weaving business one requires thoughtful planning and a high level of creative mind having flair for design. Using a wide range of raw material an entrepreneur can initiate customized basket-weaving business from home location with moderate capital investment.

27. Fish Hatchery

This is a place for artificial breeding, hatching and rearing through the early life stage of fish and shellfish in particular.

Hatcheries produce larva and juvenile fish primarily to support the aquaculture industry where they are transferred to on-growing systems.

28. Piggery

Having a sufficient landholding an entrepreneur can start piggery business. Among the various livestock species, piggery is most potential source for meat production and pigs are more efficient feed converters after the broiler. Pig farming requires small investment on buildings and equipment.

29. Tea Growing Business

Tea business has huge potential and demand for the product is increasing globally. Tea plants typically fare best in acidic soil and regions with heavy rainfall (around 40 inches per year), although they can be grown anywhere from sea level to altitudes as high as 1.3 miles above sea level.

30. Grocery E-shopping Portal

This is the most trending business in recent phenomena. This tech-based business opportunity demand proper planning and strong online marketing strategy to start.

31. Landscape Expert

This is a personnel who have enough knowledge in the field of landscape architecture. The practice of landscape architecture includes: site analysis, site inventory, land planning, planting design, grading, storm water management, sustainable design, and construction specification and ensuring that all plans meet the current building codes and local and federal ordinances.

32. Dairy Farming

You can start making your own dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese and butter for sale Commercial dairy farming is one of the most profitable agriculture business ideas.

Apart from milk it produced a quantity of manure. There is a tremendous scope/potential for increasing the milk production through profitable dairy farming.

33. Goats Farming

Goat farming are among the main meat-producing animals. This meat is one of the choicest meats and has huge domestic demand.

Due to its good economic prospects, goat rearing under intensive and semi-intensive system for commercial production has been gaining momentum for the past couple of years.

34. Potato Powder

Potato powder has wide application in the processed and snack food industries, it can be used in any recipe which requires mashed potatoes. Potato powder is used as a thickener or base for preparation of ready to eat vegetable gravies and soups.

Processing method is also not very complex. Potato powder processing business can be initiated semi-automatic small scale basis.

35. Corn Farming

Corn (Maize) is one of the most versatile emerging crops having wider adaptability under varied agro-climatic conditions. Globally, maize is known as queen of cereals because it has the highest genetic yield potential among the cereals.

Commercial corn farming by using modern technology with quality seed is one of the most profitable agriculture business ideas.

36. Soil Testing Lab

Soil Testing is agronomically sound, beneficial and environmentally responsive tool used for monitoring the nutrient as well as making precise fertilizer recommendations for various crops and cropping sequences ensuring no damage to the environment.

Establishing a soil testing lab with a Government certification is one of the most ideal agriculture business ideas.

37. Horticulture Crop Farming

Horticulturists produce fruits, flowers, and plants in greenhouses and nurseries. Selection of the crops and method is important in this business.

38. Potato Chips Production

Commercial small potato chips production line can process both potato chips and french fries. As it is a FMCG product demand is increasing globally.

39. Fodder Farming for Goats and Cows

Fodder is any agricultural foodstuff used specifically to feed domesticated livestock, such as chickens, horses, pigs, cattle and goats.

The term refers to food given to animals, rather than the food they forage for themselves. Types of plants typically grown for fodder include alfalfa, barley, oats, clover, grass and wheat.

40. Agro-Farming Blogging

As internet facility is spreading fast, even farmers from remote villages have access to internet. There is a growing need for unbiased, honest advices for farming related activities.

People having knowledge and expertise in farming related activities worth consider agro farming blogs

41. Agriculture Consulting

As with other consulting services, agriculture consulting requirement is surely expected to grow with coming days.

People with experience and knowledge on a specified field of farming activity can consider offering consulting services to organizations and farmers.

There are many more profitable agricultural business ideas out there that is not mentioned on the list above, meanwhile with the above mentioned agricultural business ideas, one can start up his or her agricultural business / agribusiness / farm business in any of the interested areas above.

Am certain by now you must have known some of the Agricultural Business ideas you can invest on…. so let’s start making money through Agricultural Business.

You are encouraged to share this information with your loved ones that might be interested in investing on any of the above listed Agricultural Business ideas and we can’t reach everyone at the same time.

Have other Agricultural Business ideas not listed here? You can add your suggestions, opinions, questions or answers using the comment box below.

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