Bacterial Stem Rot (Pectobacterium Carotovorum) – Symptoms and Damage Control

The Bacterial Stem rot affects crops like sweet pepper and Tomato. It is a bacterium which attacks fruits and stem. It survives in crop debris and can be spread by water.

Symptoms and Damage

The internal part of the stem rot and grows hollow. Plants turn yellow and start wilting. Large black stripes appear on stems.

On fruit, slimy, viscous moisture rot can appear.

Damage Prevention

Some of the damage prevention measures include the following:

  1. Use healthy seeds.
  2. Remove all contaminated plants.
  3. Grow on well drained and aerated soils.
  4. Avoid overhead watering
  5. Avoid working on wet plants.
  6. Weed field on a regular basis.
  7. Avoid to bring too much nitrogen to the field.
  8. Favor staked plants.

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