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Health Benefits and Uses of Unripe Plantain (Musa Paradaisica)

Unripe plantain which is also known as Musa paradaisica is a household plant that is popularly known by both adults and children alike. Although people are familiar with the plantain plant, and enjoy its fruit, they do not pay attention to its other uses, and medicinal health benefits.

In Yoruba language, when a plantain is roasted, it is called booli, and when fried it is called dodo.

The plantain plant, which is rich in Inulin, alkaloids, and noradrenaline, is a beauty to behold with its evergreen leaves.

The trunk is soft and contains a lot of fluid. Yorubas call it Ogede nla or Ogede agbagba, Binis call it Ogheda or Oghede, and Hausas call it Ayaba. In Igbo, there are varieties of names for a plantain: Ogadejioke, Ojioko, abereka.

The green leaf of plantain is very useful for treating diabetes. Simply boil the fresh leaves in water. Drink a glassful twice daily. However, pregnant women should not take this preparation, as it is capable of stimulating the uterus, thus promoting miscarriage. The whitish fluid that shows when plantain leaf is cut is very effective for treating wounds, especially fresh wounds. The juice stops the flow of blood very quickly.

Perhaps the most medicinal part of plantain is the sap. The sap is present in every part of the plant. By piercing any part of the plant, especially the trunk, one can collect the sap.

How to Collect Plantain Sap

Cut the trunk of plantain into pieces. Pound the pieces in a mortar. Then squeeze out the juice. What you have is a potent herbal juice that can be used for varieties of illnesses. Mix one bottle of the juice with half bottle of honey. Henceforth, this preparation will be referred to as Plantain solution (PS).

This knowledge is one of the hidden treasures, that many of our knowledgeable fathers and mothers keep close to their chests. The simplest things in nature are often the most important.

How often do you see a banana tree and pass by without even taking a second look? So often, we are so busy pursuing one material thing or the other forgetting that happiness consists in opening ourselves to the hidden wisdom in nature.

Human beings are busy pursuing happiness and beauty. Yet, right there in front of them is paradise. Wake up from your slumber O man and woman and stop taking things for granted. Let the beauty of nature permeate your being and reflect through you!

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Health Benefits of Plantain including Unripe Plantain

Health Benefits and Uses of Unripe Plantain (Musa Paradaisica)

The juice of plantain can be used for the following illnesses:

1. Nervousness: Plantain Solution (PS) offers quick relief for nervousness and even hysteria. It calms the system and promotes sleep. Drink two tablespoons of Plantain Solution twice daily.

2. Epilepsy: Plantain Solution offers great hope for those suffering from epilepsy. It effectively hinders electric discharge in the brain, thus preventing epileptic fits. The dosage is two tablespoons of PS thrice daily.

3. Dysentery: Drinking two tablespoons of Plantain Solution twice daily will bring relief to those suffering from dysentery as well as diarrhea, constipation, and indigestion.

4. Ulcer: For intestinal ulcers, drink two tablespoons of PS twice daily. For chronic external ulcers, use cotton wool to apply PS to the wound twice daily.

5. Skin infections: Apply PS to the skin in cases of burns, skin rashes, and insect bites.

The Uses of Plantain Root

Plantain root is very useful for several illnesses. Cut some plantain roots into pieces, and then pound in a mortar. Press out the juice and throw the chaff away. Mix half bottle of honey with one bottle of juice. Once again, what you have left is a potent herbal solution, henceforth referred to as PRJ (plantain root juice). PRJ is effective for the following complaints.

1. Prostatitis

Prostate cancer is on the increase every day Orthodox medicine has nothing to offer except surgical operation, which is of little value. Does it mean that there is no hope? Well, there is always hope.

There is no hopelessness in nature. PRJ is of great help in reducing prostate tumors, retention of urine, and other related ailments. Drink three tablespoons of PRJ thrice daily.

2. Kidney Problems

For all forms of kidney problems, PRJ offers great hope. It promotes the flow of urine and helps in metabolism.

3. Diabetes

PRJ has proved helpful to diabetics who are lucky enough to know about it. The dosage is two tablespoons thrice daily.

4. Gonorrhea/Syphilis

If you are one of those many people who suffer from any or all of the various forms of venereal diseases, such as staphylococcus, gonorrhea, or syphilis, then I have good news for you. PRJ is the hidden solution to your problem. Drinking three tablespoons of PRJ for two months will eradicate chronic gonorrhea and staphylococcus.

For Syphilis, continue the medication for four months. Venereal diseases take time to cure, so don’t expect that you can eradicate them overnight. And beware of herbalists who claim that they can cure gonorrhea or syphilis in a week or two. Never hurry nature. Allow the body to repair itself. That is a natural way.

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Other Uses Of Plantain

The leaves: Plantain leaf is useful against skin rashes and burns as well as convulsions. Grind some plantain leaves into powder. Mix four tablespoons of the powder with half coca-cola bottle of palm-kernel oil or vegetable oil and apply to the affected parts. In cases of convulsion, apply to the whole body.

The Peel: The peel of both ripe and unripe plantain is a cure for stomach ulcers. Dry the peels and grind to ashes. Mix one teaspoon of the powder with some honey, then lick. Do this twice daily.

The Fruit: Roasted plantain fruit is good for men with weak erections and low sperm count. Make a habit of eating one or two roasted plantains daily. If you wish, you can eat it with vegetable soup. Enjoy yourself while you improve your health the natural way. The ripe plantain fruit can be used to treat indigestion. Mash some ripe plantain to make a paste. Add three tablespoons of honey to eight tablespoons of paste. Take one tablespoon twice daily.


  1. Enhancing sexual performances, reducing sexual weakness, impotence, It equally increases sex drive, increases sperm volume & thickens Fluid.
  2. Combining unripe plantain with spices like ginger, garlic & onions is a solution to high blood pressure, diabetes, low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, kidney problems & ulcer.
  3. To get benefits to take it regularly, can be taken roasted, boiled, or make as foo-foo, fufu, or amala.

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