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Bengal Cat Adoption Guide and Procedure

Bengal cat adoption request is often high because this breed of cat are an extremely beautiful and unique breed of a domesticated cat that appears in different beautiful colors and shades such as silver Bengal cat, black Bengal cat, white Bengal cat, blue Bengal cat, snow Bengal cat, among others, so it comes as no surprise that you would want to adopt one and make it a part of your family. That being said, it’s important to know more about this breed before beginning the steps in the adoption process.

Before adopting a Bengal cat pet, it’s important to know about their personality, their mannerisms, and the specifics about their diet or health tendencies. As much as you want to love and care for a new cat, it’s important to know whether they will fit in with your lifestyle and if you can take care of them the way they need to be taken care of in the long run.

The number of reasons why you should adopt a Bengal and why they’d make a great addition to your family, greatly outnumbers the small handful of reasons why you should not. Bengals are great house cats that are full of energy and personality.

The most important things to keep in mind when considering adopting a Bengal cat are a few points about their personality and their mannerisms. Bengals are active and playful house cats who will live a much happier life if they can live in a home where their owner is home to play often or there is another cat present to keep them company.

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Although these cats have been known to face a slight health complication in rare instances, they are relatively healthy cats overall. When adopting an animal, any breed or species, health issues should always be taken into account.

On that same note, they are playful and love to climb. They will need a home that can facilitate them having a cat tree of some sort fo them to climb just as they would in the wild when hunting. Overall, Bengals are happy, playful, and easy-going cats who would make a great addition to almost any family.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Bengal Cat

You may be able to find a pure-breed Bengal cat through a breeder in your area, but if you would rather adopt from a rescue organization, check out:

  • Great Lakes Bengal Rescue
  • Rescue Me
  • Petfinder
  • Adopt a Pet

Price/ steps involved in adopting a Bengal kitten/cat

Bengal Cat Adoption Guide and Procedure

The average Bengal cat price for a single Bengal kitten is $800 and all Kittens are same price. But if you want to take 2 kittens, you can negotiate the get them both for $1500. We encourage families who wish to adopt a male and female kitten. This way, the kittens get to live together again


After you have chosen the right kitten for you and your family, you must Submit Your Request Using the Adoption Form.

If everything suits you, you’ll need to deposit to reserve your kitten for pick up or pay in full for us to ship the kitten to you.

If you’ll like us to fly your kitten to your address, you’ll need to pay the complete amount of $800 for the kitten plus $180 for shipping.

If you’ll like to come to our home and pick up the kitten, you’ll need to make a deposit of $300 to reserve the kitten. This amount will be deducted from the price of your kitten. So you’ll pay the remaining $500 when you come to pick up the kitten.

We always allow a period of 5 days for those who reserve to pick up their kitten and complete the payment.

After these 5 days period, if they don’t pick up their kitten and complete the payment, the kitten will be offered to another interested family.

Deposits are refundable and transferable to another kitten if available.


Bengal Cat Adoption Guide and Procedure

We would require a copy of your ID in order to process the transfer of ownership to you.

Upon submitting the adoption form, you’ll be requested to upload a picture of your ID or Driver’s License or Passport.

Pick Up

If you’ll like to come and pick up the kitten, that would be a great idea so we can meet in person the new owner(s) of our kitten. This will help us know you better as the new owners and will also be glad to tell you in person some personality traits of the kitten you’ll be interested in.

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Note: Before coming over to pick up the kitten, a deposit reservation of $300 must be paid so we can reserve the kitten and schedule an appointment with you to come over. The balance of $500 would be paid when you come to pick up the kitten.

You might reserve a particular kitten and when you come over, you decide to take another kitten. That’s fine, you can always change your choice when you come to pick up. That is if they are not also reserved by other families. This is actually the advantage of pickup in person.


If you are located in another City, State or Country and cannot come and pick up the kitten, we’ll fly the kitten to your address using a reliable pet shipping service that ships all over USA and also does international shipping.

Shipping within USA arrives within 48 hours max and it cost $180. International shipping cost $350 and arrives within 3-4 days max depending on your location.

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