Best Management Practices for Weaners (Young Pigs)

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The 3 weeks period immediately after weaning is very critical for the young pigs because a number of stresses may be encountered. After weaners have overcome the stress of weaning and are feeding properly, deworm them for the first time.

Group the pigs according to age and size other than age alone. This provides an opportunity to record their feed consumption up to the time of selection at around 5 months and enhances the determination of feed efficiency. If you don’t group your pigs according to age and size, you will always get what I usually call shooters.

Best Management Practices for Weaners (Young Pigs)

If there is need, some weaners can be sold at either one or two months depending on the time you weaned them. Others not meant for selling can be raised on self-fed rations until the finishing stage when they are weighting about 100kg live weight at 6 months.

NB: A weaner is a pig that has been weaned and resides in the nursery or weaner accommodation until 25- 30 kg live weight.

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