Best Method of Construction of Pen (Snailery) and the ideal Size

How to Choose a Snail Farming System

The type of snail pen depends on a number of factors which include:

1. The scale of the snail farming enterprise;

2. The type of snails farming i.e. In-door or Out-door;

3. The stage of development and habits of the snails.

Size of Snail Pen:

A snail pen can be large or small depending on how many snails the farmer wants to raise. For a new farmer, it is advisable to start with a small pen.

He would need fewer materials and fewer snails for this. As he becomes more experienced in snail farming, he can build a bigger pen and get more snails to raise.

A 5m x 5m out-door pen is a suitable size to start with.

Different Types of Snail Pens

1. Hutch Box Method: The hutch boxes which could be single. The floors of the boxes are filled with sieved organic soil to a depth of 5 – 8 cm, which must be slightly limed (Caco). The bottom of the hutch 3boxes have holes to allow excess water to drain out.

The hutch boxes are put under trees like rubber, cocoa, citrus and even plantain for shade. When hutch boxes are used, the soil is changed once every two to three months.

2.Trench Pens: in the trench type, pens, square or rectangular holes (depending on the desired shape of pen) are dug in the ground about 50cm deep. The dug-up area is divided into pens and the sides are built up to 2 – 3 blocks high from the ground level while the bottom is covered with loose soil.

The pens are covered with nylon mesh nailed to wooden frames for lids. The trench pens which more or less look like the hutch pens could be used for hatching.

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