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Best Ways to Manage a Hatchery House/Building

Fundamentally, the hatchery house should be located away from existing farms, farm houses, and densely populated areas/human settlements. There should be an easy supply of electricity, hygienic water, and open air.

Hatchery must be well connected with the roads and egg production centers The immediate surrounding of the hatchery should be properly cleaned and kept hygienic at all times. Hatchery waste should be properly disposed of and the equipment sanitized.

A Hatchery House/Building
A Hatchery House/Building

1. The Hatchery Building

The dimensions of the hatchery building will depend on the number and size of the machine to be accommodated, which in turn will depend on the number of chicks required to be hatched in a given time. The layout plan, however, must meet the basic hatchery premises plan.

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2. The Egg Receiving Room

It should be located at the outset of hatchery premises. The eggs from the breeder farm may be received here preferably through the window and the person bringing them should not be allowed to enter the hatchery building.

3. The Disinfection, Fumigation, and Holding Room

The fumigation room should be connected to the egg receiving room and after disinfection/fumigation eggs may be shifted to the cold storage/holding room. The egg holding room should be connected to the fumigation room.

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4. The Egg Setting Room

This should be quite spacious so that sufficient working space furnished with work benches etc. are available for the workers to do the job effectively, besides accommodating the required number of incubators.

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