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Broiler Finisher Mash Poultry Feed Formula

Today we are going to discuss about the poultry feed formulation on broiler finisher mash feed. Therefore below is the formula for your broilers feed formulation.

There are also some other factors to consider when producing poultry feed which includes availability of broiler chicken feed raw materials, cost of chicken feed raw materials and many more.

This will enable you save some cost of chicken feed price, increase the growth rate of your birds using growers mash as well as increase your profit as a poultry farmer.

It will also help you achieve the best chicken feed and you can even also produce your broiler feed on a large scale and make some money through it by declaring some chicken feed for sale to your close neighbors and potential buyers.

Meanwhile as a poultry farmer, you also need to purchase all the materials you will require for their adequate feeding and drinking like: the automatic chicken drinkers and feeders etc. There are so many Agric. shops with your location where you can purchase your chicken feeders and drinkers so i encourage you to make an inquiry within your location to know where to get your chicken/poultry equipment’s.

Using a total compounding quantity of one ton (1,000kg) chicken feed formulation, below is the formula for your broiler feed for broiler finisher:

Broiler Finisher Mash Feed Formula

Broiler Finisher Mash Poultry Feed Formula

Here is a recommended Broiler Finisher Mash Poultry Feed / Chicken Feed Formula (broiler feed formulation) for your chickens:

Maize = 450kg

Soya Bean Meal = 150kg

Full Fat Soya = 200kg

Groundnut Cake = 20kg

Wheat Offals = 140kg

Bone Meal = 30kg

Salt = 2-5kg

Lysine = 2-5kg

Methionine = 2-5kg

Vitamin/Mineral Premix = 2.5kg

Total = 1

Note: There are certain factors that can alter this formula provided above which include but not limited to the following: Weather, Availability of Raw-Materials, Cost of Raw-Materials etc. Therefore, the above provided feed formula is subject to change or adjustment which is why I often strongly recommend that you carry an expert along.

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Also, always ensure to purchase your raw materials from reputable sources to ensure that the raw-materials procured are at their best nutritional state to avoid serving your birds unhealthy or contaminated feeds that will greatly affect your poultry birds.

You can divide or multiply the formula to the quantity of feed you wish to compound for your organic chicken feed for your birds, For instance: if you want to produce 100kg total feed then all you need to do is divide all the raw materials provided above using 10 with your calculator and if you want to compound 10,000kg of feed instead, all you also need to do is to multiply all the raw materials provided above by 10 using your calculator.

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