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Causes and Solutions to Egg Glut in Egg Production

One of the problems confronting egg users and egg producers in egg production include what is called “Egg glut”. Egg glut can simply be defined as that period when eggs are surplus or in abundance with low purchase or consumption demand.

Eggs accumulate on the farms as chickens continue to eat and lay while middlemen/wholesalers either refuses to pick them up for sale or drastically increase the quantity they buy.

Egg glut in egg production usually occurs at least once in a year and there are so many factors that might be responsible for the drop in demand which include but not limited to the following factors:

During School Holidays: There’s usually a significant drop in egg demand when pupils are on holidays. This is because eggs are usually part of breakfast regimen of pupils and in school hostels.

During Ramadan Fast  & Hajj: There is a slight uptick in demand before the fast but there is a drop in the last 10 days and might last till three weeks after the fast before before normalcy returns.

Likewise, you might notice a drop in demand  couple of weeks before Hajj.  This might be attributed to the fact that funds for purchasing eggs would be used instead for the pilgrimage and for getting goods (Gold) from the Holy Place.

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Causes of Egg Glut in Egg Production

Some of the problems of egg users during egg glut which reduces the demand and purchase of eggs from egg producers include:

1) Availability of Complimentary Goods

This affects the purchase of eggs when there are no complimentary goods like yam in season.

2) Season / Weather

During dry seasons, there is usually no serious cause to take hot teas with bread and eggs therefore consumers don’t buy eggs a lot during this period.

3) School Vacations

During long school vacation periods, the purchasing demand of eggs reduce due to parents not using eggs with other complimentary goods to prepare their children lunches in school.

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Prospects / Possible Solutions to Egg Glut

1) Egg producers should explore other selling options like the option of freezing eggs. For instance, iced cream making factories only need to trust the hygiene of your eggs and they will purchase you eggs.

2) Alternative Uses/Source of income: Egg producers can also provide alternatives for themselves to utilize their end products.

For instance, a farmer who produces eggs can also think of producing other food products like egg rolls of which he / she will use his / her farm egg products to produce them.

Also Egg powder is included in the production of bread, cakes, biscuits, noodles and ice-cream, and doughnuts, apart from other domestic uses or can even be boiled and sold as boiled eggs. Therefore, poultry farmers can also utilize this opportunity of diversifying.

3. Deliver your own eggs: This is especially important if your egg production is over 10,000 eggs. Eggs accumulate fast and you can’t afford to wait for middlemen to come to your farm.

4. Sell to bukaterias and restaurants: This is for small scale poultry farmers. They come with certain issues including not paying on time, selling to them, however, would take care of some overhead costs.

Maybe, companies would start producing egg flour locally instead of importing it. Maybe not. In either case, hope for the best and plan for the worst.

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