Complete Guide to Successful Snail Marketing

In Africa, there is no organized market for the sale of snails. They are sold directly to the buyers or consumers from the snail farmers or those who gather them from the bush or hawkers along the highways and this is currently a thing of concern for farmers who are into snail production.

Sometimes you might be wondering how can you sell your snail produce, where to find buyers, how to keep the relationships going, the clients happy and how to reach an even larger audience. It has never been easier to reach your potential buyers than now, with internet connecting the world.

Below you can read about the basics of selling snails.

First, you need to have a strong brand. Maybe your snails are fully-grown outdoor eating plants and are therefore free range. Maybe your location is unique, and maybe your end products are special. Whatever it is you need to build your brand around it.

Once you are happy with the quality of your product and you’ve built a strong brand, you need to set up a website and let everyone know about your products and how to buy them.

With increasing awareness and production, snail marketing is now easier using the right marketing strategy unlike before as snails could be marketed especially snail farming for beginners in the following ways;

  • The snails could be sold directly to consumers or snail sellers directly from the farm
  • Arrangement could be made to supply hotels and restaurants, e.t.c eggs and meat (DW basis).
  • Exporting snails to foreign countries like United States of America, Britain, France.e.t.c.
  • Snail farmers association of Nigeria with headquarters at the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training Ibadan has been established and marketing of snails is one of their goals.
  • The price of snails is always higher in the dry season than the raining season because the supply is limited at this time.

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Let us elaborate more on how you can market, sell and make profits from your snails (snail business) below:

Reaching out to local restaurants is a great way to start selling as chefs like to source local ingredients for their menu, and who wouldn’t love to have fresh locally grown escargots on their menu? This also reduces the cost of shipping and has less impact on the environment.

Visiting local farmers markets and other food markets is the easiest way to spread the word about your new business. You might meet more local businesses who would cooperate with you, or sell directly to local people.

There are also big snail buyers that might be interested in purchasing your snails. This is a good option if you have a lot of snails to sell, as these buyers would buy in bulk for a set price.

You can find them online, or by connecting with other snail farmers who can advise on trusted buyers they sell to.

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Follow up on each sale and ask for feedback on the quality of your product. This way you get invaluable information about your snails and can include the positive feedback on your website to gain credibility.

Keep a list of buyers in a safe database so that you can contact them in the future when you have a big stock of snails. Or you might decide to surprise them with a special discount.

Use social media marketing on popular platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram etc. and network marketing to build links with businesses and customers, post photos and interesting happenings on your farm which will return assist in making your sales promotion become a reality by enabling you reach the target market of your snail farming business.

Create conversations about your business online as a strategy for your business marketing and use platforms like a reliable marketing agency to maintain relationships with your existing buyers will greatly increase your sales, enhance your snail production capacity and generate more profit for you as the snail farmer.

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