Cross River State Ginger Farmers Association of Nigeria laud Ayade’s Agricultural revolution, institute LG Exco’s to explore

By David Peter

Barr. Mrs. Theresa Mogbor, Cross River State Cordinator; Ginger Farmers Association of Nigeria initiates Local Government executives to pioneer the farming activities of the CBN anchor borrowers’ program for the value chain on ginger production across the 18 Local Government Areas in Cross River State.

The State coordinator briefed the LG executives on the core objectives to pioneer the value chain an promote Gov. Ben Ayade agricultural revolutionary stride in the state. She further, unleashed the leadership on the image capturing to enable rural farmers anticipate becoming a beneficiary of the CBN anchor borrowers’ program on the value chain (ginger production).

Barr. Theresa speaking, “The just concluded image capturing of the state in relevance to ginger farmers whose image/farm land were captured wasn’t encouraging”.

“The exercise took about three weeks on the field and the total selected by CBN was 2,919 farmers of over more than 5,000 farmers as expected”.

Continuing, “there’s need to advocate on the relevance of ginger farming to farmers in Cross River State as well, the economic and health benefit for human consumption”.

She added, “the CBN have come up with this scheme to ensure individuals and unemployed engage in agriculture so as to create a huge wealth for their home. “In addition, the Governor of the state is strongly enthusiastic about agriculture so let’s advocate this value chain across the local governments and wards in our jurisdiction”, She said.

Cross River State Ginger Farmers Association of Nigeria laud Ayade's Agricultural revolution, institute LG Exco's to explore

The state Cordinator; Barr. Mrs Theresa, inaugurated five-man strategic committee to publicized the value chain and identified with farmers on land usage.

The publicity committee as structure involved; Mr Ben Nkebe, Elvis Asuquo, Angela Edet and Land verification committee; Jimmy Ekpe, Rose Oko.

An Interview with Mrs. Barr. Theresa by the pressmen, she unveiled her keen interest why crossriverians should expand their agricultural value chain and embark on ginger production.

She said, “Actually ginger production in Cross River State operations is in subsistence level not strongly relevant in the state but the executive governor through the CBN ABP urge farmers to commercialize on ginger production as a business to make a huge profit as it plays a vital role on human health having ready export market”.

She alarmed, on farmers to indicate interest and enroll on the registration process at RIFAN opposite Governor office to keen in the Ayade’s agricultural revolution”.

Barr. Theresa also, laud Ayade agricultural revolution as he supplies farmers with agricultural input’s rather than cash splash as she expressed majority of farmers will misuse the money. She further ensured on the Ayade agricultural revolution to be sustainable thus attracting funding agencies, support and investors. She said, farmers can now cultivate on wet and dry season due to the mechanize facilities as initiated by Governor Ayade to ease and foster agricultural activities in the state.

However, this have called for the unemployed, civil servant and interested individuals to enroll on the ongoing ginger farming exercise via the CBN anchor borrowers’ program as established and supported by His Excellency, Sen. Prof. Ben. Ayade.

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