Daily Routine Duties in a Snail Farm


Some of the basic daily routine duties to be carried out in your snail farm include the following activities:

1. Check the housing units regularly and any dead or infected snails found removed.

 2. Remove regularly the leftover feeds in the housing.

3. Clean and replenish water trays with fresh cool water untreated.

4. Clean the pens and the surrounding regularly.

5. Make sure that the soil is well covered with dry leaves (mulching).

6. In the dry season, wet the soil adequately to remain moist always. Many snails aestivate at this time

because of low weather temperature and relative humidity. However, in the rainy season, if the rain is

abundant, it may not be necessary unless the soil seems dried.

7. Check whether the wire netting or mosquito net is intact.

8. Check the water in the container mixed with used engine oil, in case of cage system, if it is adequate

for prevention against soldier ants.

9. Feed the snails after sun-set (6p.m to 7pm) to preserve the freshness of the feeds.

10. Keep the door to the housing unit always shut.

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