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Dogs Grooming Practices Complete Guide

It is important for dog owners to understand the basic dogs grooming practices and by doing so, one can easily care for their dogs. Dogs in our today’s world have become an integral part of so many people’s lives. There is a saying that says, “Dogs are man’s best friend”. Although there are different breeds of dogs (dog breeds), how to properly care for them that is the recommended dogs grooming practices remains one of the main interests of any dog owner.

As dogs can be very loving and caring, owners are also expected to play their part in ensuring that their dogs are well cared for, because you don’t want to have an unhealthy and dirty dog littering the whole house for you.

However, this article is all about dog grooming, we’ll share tips and information on all there is to know about dogs grooming.

Before getting into the complete care guide for dogs, you must know what dogs are, the different breeds of dogs (dog breeds), their benefits to man, and also how vital information you’re supposed to be aware of on dogs.

Dogs or domestic dogs are also known scientifically as Canis familiaris or Canis lupus familiaris.

Canis lupus familiaris (dogs), according to animal experts are domesticated descendants of the wolf, one of the invaluable characteristics of a dog is its upturning tail.

Also, according to superstitious beliefs in places like Africa, it is believed that dogs are capable of sensing danger and they can also see ghosts at night, that is why during the midnight hours you may be hearing them barking (dog barking) and disturbing the neighborhood.

However, dogs are said to be derived from a specie of ancient wolf. Dogs do look like a wolf.

Even the modern wolf is the dog’s nearest breed. History has it that dogs were the first species to be domesticated and used as pets, they were first domesticated by hunters (gatherers), over 15,000 years ago before the development of agriculture came into the limelight.

Dogs are said to have a strong bond with humans. Due to their long-time association with humans, dogs have been able to reproduce and expand worldwide. Dogs also can thrive on a starch diet that would have been inadequate for other canids.

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Dogs over the years have proven their loyalty to man, as they have been used as war machines to sense land mines on battlefields and also track the enemy’s camp via the smell from a captured enemy.

Firefighters have also benefited from the help provided by dogs. Few years back, the world health organization (WHO), released a report concerning the 59,000 people that died globally from a virus called rabies, according to statistics the counties affected were Asia with over 59.6% deaths from rabies and 36.4% in Africa.

Rabies is a very deadly virus for which dogs are the most important vectors. Dogs are very harsh and aggressive towards their owners by biting them causing severe injuries.

Statistics show that children in mid-to-late childhood are the largest percentage bitten by dogs. If you’re a dog owner with a baby, do well to check on your baby at all times because dogs can go rogue at times.

People who get bitten by dogs are more likely to need medical treatment because dog bites are dangerous and poisonous.

Some people might even die from the injury if not treated, they can also use their claws to injure people. That shows you how harsh and aggressive these dogs can be at times.

The U.K has the highest dog-related injuries, it has been estimated in the U.S that dogs and cats are a factor in more than 80,000 falls per year and around 2% in the U.K.

It is very important that as a dog you clean your environment by getting rid of dog feces as it can be very harmful to people in the environment. However, dog contains roundworms (Toxocara Canis).

These roundworms can cause toxocariasis. As reported in the United States of America, about 10,00 cases of toxocariasis are recorded each year, and even as of now almost 14% of the US is infected with toxocariasis.

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Toxocariasis when not treated can lead to retinal damage. This can be very bad as it can result in a decrease in the quality of vision.

Dog feces also contain hookworms that can cause cutaneous larva migrans in humans, so do well to get rid of dog feces whenever you find them in your environment, as either a pet owner or not.

Now that we have a basic understanding of what dogs are and how dangerous they can be when not handled properly. Below are important tips on Dog Grooming.

Complete Dogs Care Guide

Dogs Grooming Practices Complete Guide
Dogs grooming (pet grooming)

Dogs Grooming

Dogs grooming sometimes referred to as pet grooming is one of the vital parts of caring for dogs. As dog groomers, ensure that you clean your dog frequently by brushing it thoroughly. Also, check for ticks and fleas daily and remove them.

Although, some dogs can stay for a very long time before taking their bath. Before bathing them, cut out all mats from the coat. You can visit any dog grooming near me/ for further tips on how to properly groom your dog breed. You can also locate any groomers near me/you for further assistance

How You Should Handle Your Dogs

Most people don’t know how to handle puppies or take care of them. If you want to carry a small dog or puppy, place one hand under the dog’s chest with the other arm supporting the rump a d hind legs.

Do not attempt to grab your puppy or mishandle it by grabbing it from the leg, tail, or back of the neck.

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How To Provide Your Dog With a Comfortable Shelter / House

Dogs are very calm animals, they need a quiet place to rest. Therefore, when getting a shelter or house for your pet ensure you come up with a more conducive place, you can even house the dog in your own house, instead of letting it live in a small dog house in the compound.

One of the ideal things to get for your dog is a training crate or dog bed, with a pillow or blanket placed inside of the crate. As dogs need to be clean at all times ensure to wash the dog beddings often.

Do a Daily Inspection For Ticks and Flea On Your Dog(s)

Daily inspection of your dog is very important as it will help you know what is wrong with your dog and what you need to do to make sure it is comfortable.

However, use a flea comb to find and remove fleas from the dog. There is a variety of ways in removing fleas and ticks from dogs, or you can simply just visit your veterinarian about it.


Never make the mistake of giving your dog medication that has not been instituted and prescribed by a doctor.

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