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Elephants (Elephantidae): Species, Facts, Habitat, Diet, etc.

The scientific name for the family of elephants is “Elephantidae”. Few animals on the planet were mourned, mythologized, and simply undeniable marveled at just like the elephants of Africa and Asia. In this article, you may analyze 10 critical elephant facts, starting from how those pachyderms use their trunks to how ladies gestate their younger ones for nearly years.

Different Species of Elephants (Elephantidae)

There Are three Different Elephant Species, all of the world’s pachyderms are accounted for via way of means of 3 species: under the African elephant, we have the African bush elephant (Loxodonta africana), and the African woodland elephant (Loxodonta cyclotis), and the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus).

African forest elephants are a whole lot bigger, completely grown adult males drawing near six or seven heaps (making them the earth’s biggest terrestrial mammals), as compared to the best 4 or 5 heaps for Asian elephants.

An Elephant’s Trunk Is an All-Purpose Tool

Besides its vast size, the maximum tremendous aspect approximately an elephant is its trunk (the elephant trunk); essentially an incredibly elongated nostril and higher lip. Elephants use their trunks now no longer best to breathe, scent, and consume, however, to comprehend the branches of trees, select out items weighing as a whole lot as seven-hundred kilos, affectionately fondle different elephants, dig for hidden water, and supply themselves showers.

Trunks incorporate over 100,000 bundles of muscle fibers, which could cause them to be incredibly sensitive and specific gear. For example, an elephant can use its trunk to shell a peanut without unfavorable the kernel nestled interior or to wipe particles from its eyes or different elements of its frame.

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An Elephant’s Ears Help to Dissipate Heat

Given how vast they’re, and the hot, humid climates wherein they stay, it makes us feel that they advanced a manner to shed immoderate warmness.

An elephant can not flap its ears to make itself fly, however, the big floor region of its ears is covered with a dense community of blood vessels, which carry warmness to the encompassing surroundings and for this reason assist to chill the pachyderm down withinside the blazing sun.

Not incredibly, the big ears of elephants carry every other evolutionary benefit: in the best conditions, an African or Asian elephant can pay attention to a herd mate’s name from over 5 miles away, in addition to the technique of any predators that would threaten the herd’s juveniles.

Elephants (Elephantidae): Species, Facts, Habitat, Diet, etc.
pygmy elephant

Elephants Are Extremely Intelligent Animals

In absolute terms, they have vast brains, as much as 12 kilos for completely grown adult males, as compared to 4 kilos, max, for the common human (in relative terms, even though, the brains of elephants are a whole lot smaller as compared to their ordinary frame size).

Not best can elephants use primitive gear with their trunks, however, additionally they show an excessive diploma of self-recognition (for example, spotting themselves in mirrors) and empathy towards different herd contributors. Some of them have even been found tenderly fondling the bones of their deceased companions, even though naturalists disagree whether or not this indicates a primitive recognition of the idea of death.

Elephant Herds Are Dominated via way of means by Females

They have advanced a unique social structure: essentially, men and women stay apart, hooking up best in brief for the duration of mating season.

Three or 4 ladies, collectively with their younger, congregate in herds of as much as a dozen or so contributors, even as adult males both stay on their own or shape smaller herds with different adult males. Female herds have a matrilineal structure: contributors observe the lead of the matriarch, and while this aged girl dies, her location is taken via way of means of her oldest daughter.

As with humans (at the least maximum of the time), skilled matriarchs are famed for their wisdom, main herds far from capability dangers (along with fires or floods), and ample reasserts of meals and shelter.

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Elephant Pregnancies Lasts Almost Two Years

At 22 months, African elephants have the longest gestation length of any terrestrial mammal.

Newborn elephants weigh a whopping 250 kilos, and they typically ought to watch for at the least 4 or 5 years for any siblings, given girl elephants’ extraordinarily lengthy interbirth intervals. What this means, in sensible terms, is that it takes a strangely long term for devastated populations of elephants to top off themselves, which makes those mammals, in particular, prone to poaching via way of means of humans.

Elephants Evolved over fifty Million Years

Elephants and elephant ancestors were lots greater, not unusual place than they’re today. As always as we will inform from the fossil evidence, the final progenitor of all elephants became the tiny, pig-like Phosphatherium, which lived in northern Africa approximately 50 million years ago; a dozen million years later, via way of means of the past due Eocene epoch, greater recognizably “elephant-y” proboscis-like Phiomia and Barytherium have been thick at the floor.

Toward the later Cenozoic Era, a few branches of the elephant’s circle of relatives have been characterized via way of means of their spoon-like decrease tusks, and the golden age of the breed became the Pleistocene epoch, one million years ago, while the North American Mastodon and the Woolly Mammoth roamed the northern expanses of North America and Eurasia.

Today, oddly enough, the nearest residing loved ones of elephants are dugongs and manatees.

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Elephants Are Crucial Components of Their Ecosystems

As large as they’re, elephants have an outsize and affect their habitats, uprooting trees, trampling floor underfoot, or even intentionally enlarging water holes to take enjoyable baths.

These behaviors advantage now no longer best the elephants themselves however additionally different animals, take benefit of those environmental changes.

On the alternative give up of the scale, while they consume in a single region and defecate in every other, they feature as important dispersers of seeds; many plants, trees, and timber could have a tough time surviving if their seeds failed to function on elephant menus.


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