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Factors Influencing Successful Hatchery Operations

There are certain factors that influence successful hatchery operations; here are the factors that influence successful hatchery operations, management of breeder flock, and hatching of eggs:

1. Diet and Health Status of Flock

The breeder hen must be kept healthy and provided with a diet adequate to supply the fertile egg with all nutrients necessary, not only for normal embryonic development but also to maintain the offspring in healthy conditions until it consumes adequate feed.

It bears emphasis here that the quality of a breeder ration is more than for the laying ration.

2. A Healthy Breeder Flock is the Best Insurance for Good Quality Offerings

Breeder hens that are in poor health for any reason frequently either fail to supply the embryo with some vital nutritional factors or perhaps pass some toxins to the eggs, thus, the hatch is poor or the chicks are of poor quality and must be culled.

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3. Preventing Interior Egg Borne Disease

Various techniques are used for preventing disease agents from being carried to the offspring. The ideal situation is to have breeders free of all pathogens.

Such procedures include immunization during the growing period to prevent infection and egg transmission during the laying period (e.g. avian encephalitis, (CRD), tests and removal of carriers, or slaughter of infected locks (e.g. pullover and fowl typhoid).

4. Preventing Egg Shell – borne diseases

Several procedures are used to overcome shell contamination which arises from intestinal contents and other environmental sources.

Control involves preventing shell contamination or destroying the organisms before they penetrate the shell. This could be achieved through:

i. Producing clean hatching eggs

ii. Fumigation

iii. Washing in the water of 38oC or liquid sterilization (sodium pentachlorophenate).

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