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Facts about Quails (Coturnix coturnix) you should be Aware of

Quails are used to describe any of roughly 130 species of small short-tailed game birds classified in the families Phasianidae and Odontophoridae (order Galliformes), resembling partridges but generally smaller and less robust.

The common quail (Coturnix coturnix), or European quail, is a small ground-nesting game bird in the pheasant family Phasianidae. It is mainly migratory, breeding in the western Palearctic and wintering in Africa and southern India. With its characteristic call of “wet my lips”, this species of quail is more often heard than seen.

The term ‘quail farming’ means, raising quails commercially (like other poultry birds) for the purpose of profitable eggs and meat production. The quail farming business is very easy, lucrative and entertaining.

It’s very easy to maintain a quail farm, because quails are among the smallest species of poultry birds. The Japanese scientists first tamed the wild quails and revealed the ways to raise them as domestic birds.

Commercial quail farming in Japan has spread tremendously. Now, people throughout the world performing quail farming business commercially for the purpose of meat and egg production.

Quail farming is very profitable like other farming ventures such as chicken, turkey or duck farming business. Almost all types of weather conditions are suitable for starting quail farming business. Meat and eggs of quail are very tasty and nutritious suitable for diabetic patient. 

Quail eggs are very nutritious than other poultry eggs. Because quail eggs contain comparatively more protein, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, B1 and B2. Quail farming can play a vital role to meet up the demand of food and nutrition.

Quail farming business require small initial capital and labor. Quails can be raised along with your other poultry birds for meat or eggs production.

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(A) Management of Quails

1. At the age of six- weeks , female Quails usually weight ‘’ 175- 200 gms.’’ And the males weight about ‘’125-150 gm.’’

2. Females start laying eggs at 7 –weeks of age and continue up to 22-weeksof ag

3. Usually egg laying happens during the evening time of the day

4. The Quails egg usually weight about ‘’ 9 to 10 gm.,and also goes to 12gm. With properly nutrition- care.

5. The breast of the male is usually narrow , and covered with equally distribute brown and white feathers. But the female quail has a broad breast covered with brown feathers with black- dots

6. The male and female quails should be separated at the age of 4- weeks

7. Sixteen hours of light per day should be available to the egg laying Quails.

Facts about Quails (Coturnix coturnix) you should be Aware of
Quails on deep litter system

(B) Reproduction

1. Quails starts laying their eggs at the age of 7th week. They attain 50% eggs production at 8th week of age.

2. In order to produce , fertile eggs the males should be reared along with the females at 8 to 10 weeks of age.

3. The male, female ratio is 1:5.

4. Incubation – period is 18 day.

5. With 500 females, we can produce 1500- chicks.

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(C) Facts about Diseases of Quails

1. When there is deficiency of vitamins and minerals and minerals in the female quail breeders , the chicks obtained from their fertile eggs are usually lean with weak legs

2. To prevent this the breeder females should be provides with optimum minerals and vitamin in their feed

3. Generally Quails are resistant to infectious diseases than chicken so there is no vaccination required for quails

4. Proper management of chicks , dis-infecting farm premise, providing clean drinking water to quails and feeding of quality concentrate feed will prevent diseases outbreak-s in farm

(D) Rearing

1. Male Quail already make a different sound which is usually disturbing to the human.

2. When rearing the male and female together, the male peck the other and make them blind, At-times death of quails are also noticed.

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