Feeding Snails locally and How to Formulate Snail feeds

Snails basically feed on fruits like paw-paw both the ripped and the unripe pawpaw. Paw-paw provides the snails with vitamins but it is advisable to remove the leftovers after the day because it attracts insects / predators.

Watermelon is also part of the fruits given to snails both the red (inside) and the green (outside) parts are inclusive and are being enjoyed by snails.

Cucumber is not left out as it is also part of those fruits that snails enjoy most, the fruit provides the snails a lot of calcium, you should be aware that if you are farming your snails for commercial purpose or even for non-commercial purpose, the snails shell tell more of the health status of your snail, meanwhile the shell appears strong and adds weight when enough calcium providing food is given to the snails.

Snails also feed on vegetables like pumpkin but I must warn you that anything that has salt should not be found near your snail pen not even on their foods.

There are two easy to make money in snail business / farming which are:

  • Rearing the snails and
  • Doing its related business as in buying from farmers and reselling them

Formulation of snail feeds:

Aside from basically feeding your snails locally, now you can formulate snail feeds, market online or offline, sell to snail farmers too. Many snail farmers buy feeds as if they are doing poultry farming, therefore you can utilize that opportunity to start formulating snail feeds and sell to them.

See: the feed formulation formulas for snail here, you can also be a re-seller of snails to the final consumers, there are places where you can buy snails at a very cheaper rate and resell them at a mighty price, and it all depends on information. Lolz!! Therefore think and carryout your market survey wisely.

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