General Management Routine for Snails

Basic Advantages of Snail Farming

As a snail farmer or an intending snail farmer, there are some basic daily general management routines you must observe in your snail farm.

Some of those general management routine procedures include the following:

1. Discourage visitors from entering the Snailery too frequently.

2. Do a proper inspection of materials carried to snailery such that they are safe.

3. Do not use chemicals i.e. insecticides or herbicides inside the Snailery.

4. Adequate shade must be provided.

5. Snail must be handled carefully.

6. Fresh poultry dropping should not be added. Mouldy, stale or fermented feed should not be given to snails because it contains uric acid harmful to snails.

7. The hatchling or young ones require more humid environment and more attention than the matured ones.

8. The inside and outside of the Snailery should be cleaned regularly.

9. Feed and water should be served in shallow container for easy accessibility and also to avoid snails drowning.

10. The feed must be served in shallow container preferably flat trays for easy accessibility.

11. Snails should be well protected against Soldier ants, millipedes, Snakes and Rodents e.t.c.

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