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General Routine Maintenance Practices of Snail

In snail farming also known as snail business or heliculture, the general routine maintenance practices in a snail farm can simply be described as those daily activities that are being carried out in a snail farm to prevent the snails from predators and other activities which may appear harmful to the health of the snails and affects its productivity.

With that in mind, below are some of the general routine maintenance practices of snail farming business that should be observed to avoid harm on your snail farm even on a commercial snail farming farm or snail production because your major objective as a snail farmer is to make profit through your snail farming business:

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General Routine Maintenance Practices of Snail

•        Discourage visitors from entering the snail rearing farm.
•        Proper inspection of materials carried to the snail rearing pen must be done
•        Do not use chemicals or agro-chemicals i.e. Insecticides or herbicides in the snail rearing pen.
•        Adequate shade must be provided.
•        Snails must be handled carefully.
•        Soil must be properly moistened especially in the dry season.

• Fresh poultry droppings should not be added to the soil in the snailery
•        Mouldy, stale or fermented feed should not be given to snails.
•        The hatchlings or young ones require more humid environment and more attention than the mature ones.
•        The inside and outside of the snailery should be cleaned.
•        Feed and water should be served in shallow containers for easy accessibility.
•        The feed or the soil must be supplemented with oyster shell, bone meal, egg shell or other calcium sources.
•        Snails should be well protected from predators such as soldier ants, snakes and rodents e.t.c.

Importance of snail care

  1. The snails are less exposed to diseases and infection; good snail care ensures the production of disease-free snails.
  2. It promotes productivity, snails perform better when properly cared for than when partially cared for. 
  3. It reduces attack from predators like an insect; when you clean the surrounding environs of your snail farm, insects are kept far away from your snails.
  4. It reduces the cost of production.
  5. Faster growth of snails; looking after a snail helps them grow faster.

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