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Genetically Modified (Gm) Control of Nematodes

Nematodes are small worm-like organisms (eel-worms), some species of which feed on plants. While some nematode species feed on the aerial parts of plants most are underground attacking the roots; some are vectors of viruses.

As most of the damage by nematodes is underground relatively little is known about them, although crop losses due to them are probably very high; there is an estimate that they may cause losses of more than $1 billion per year to world agriculture.

They are very difficult to control. Chemical nematicides are highly toxic and difficult to apply and are only economic in special situations such as small areas of high value crops.

The cultural techniques usually involve avoiding nematode-infested soil. There are some sources of natural resistance and some R genes such as were described for fungi and bacteria.

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Genetically Modified (Gm) Control of Nematodes

Experiments with transgenic approaches to resistance using the digestion inhibitor cystatin are showing promise.

However, as with the digestion inhibitor approach for insects, much work on biosafety aspects needs to be undertaken.

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