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Guide on How to Raise Tilapia Fishes for Profits

Tilapia fishes are warm-water hardy fish and are one of the most popular fish to cultivate that are easy to grow as a fish farmer to generate great income and profits.

Their rule is simple, to raise your tilapia fishes successfully, you must understand and constantly provide their five (5) major and basic needs: clean water, oxygen, food, light, and room to swim.

Give your tilapia fishes these basic things they need, and they will stay healthy and grow fast that is why the major art of tilapia farming is to understand each of these needs, and then find a way to provide them in sufficient quantities.

The good news is that fresh tilapia fishes are in high demand and expensive too because they are not only needed for home consumption but also by restaurants and seafood outlets.

Additionally, a farmer can also use the nutrients from tilapia wastes to fertile the vegetables (lettuce, kale, tomatoes, cucumbers, and other plants) for growth and this helps to purify the water and reduce the cost of producing those crops leading to a higher profit for the farmer.

Raising tilapia fishes is one of the profitable ventures in agriculture/farming, especially in the animal production category.

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Primary Cost for Tilapia Fishes:  Starting a Small-Scale Business – Aquaculture Tilapia Farming

This small-scale or more significant business depends on the production system. If it is floating fish cultivation, it requires a lower investment. The Cost of the building calculates one hectare in a floating area. The production capacity for 20 tons of Tilapia the Cost per year corresponds to 5 thousand dollars.


Usually, a floating cage (continental water conditions) is 20 meters in diameter and three inches in depth. It cost 4 thousand dollars. It produces 60 tons of biomass per year.

The cost distribution is 55% for the balanced feed, 8% for fingerlings, and 37% for production and administrative costs.

Homemade organic tilapia feed:

To grow tilapia fish, you either buy feed from the local market or make feeds in your house as they eat everything frequently.

 Homemade pellets are one of the best for feeding. It is created with Rice Bran, Corn, Oat Groats, Canola Meal, Alfalfa Meal, or Linseed Meal, along with vegetables.

You can give those feeds directly to your tank. It will damage the water very quickly. So we suggest buying meals for Tilapia until they are four months old.

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