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Guide to Proper Record Keeping in Rabbit Husbandry

A rabbit keeper with one or two rabbits recording may seem unnecessary in rabbit husbandry, but it is necessary to keep records as the number increases.

Types of Records in Rabbit Husbandry

Two major types of records are required in rabbit husbandry and they include; the Financial records, and the Animal records.

Record Keeping in Rabbit Husbandry

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1. Financial Records

Financial records can be kept in a small notebook. With label on one page ‘Expenditure’ and another page ‘Income’.

All the money spent on the rabbit is to be entered under expenditure and all the money earn from them under income.

If you eat a rabbit, then enter the equivalent of its cost in the market under income but be honest.

2. Animal Record

Table: An example of a doe record card.

Doe name Date of birth ……………….

Date mated Buck used Date kindled – No. born alive/dead ———————

Date weaned -………………………

Number weaned ………………….-

Notes …………

The column for ‘notes’ is for recoding any health and husbandry details, e.g. total litter weight at weaning. Other animal record can be constructed for growing litters to monitor their live weight gain, or how often they have been used for mating etc.

In summary, in this article, you have leant the importance of record keeping and types of records to be kept. It is necessary to keep records as the number increases. Two types of records are required: Financial records and Animal records.

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