Guide to Raising Tilapia Fishes Faster and Improve Productivity

Tips to grow tilapia fishes faster and improve productivity include:

When the fish reach 180 or 200 grams, divide the fish into different pounds. At this time, the fish will require more space to move.

You can repeat the same process when they are about 300 grams. In the end, to grow Tilapia you will need eight ponds.

A diet adjustment is needed after two of those above steps. This is crucial for improving productivity.

When they gain about 400g, put them into separate tanks.

Catching fish for sale:

If you grow tilapia fish, you will notice that they grow very first. That’s why raising them is profitable.

Catching them for sale starts when they become 400g.

But we recommend harvesting them when they become 500g because people found it more profitable.

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