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Health Benefits of taking Watermelon Fruits for Males and Females Fertility

Many people see watermelon as only a fruit that tastes delicious and fresh to consume, meanwhile it also proven to be very good for the body’s health and can overcome many health problems.

Watermelon have a lot of nutrition in it such as vitamin A, vitamin C, phytonutrient citrulline, beta carotene, lycopene, and other compounds that are needed by the body. From many of the benefits that we can take from this refreshing fruit, it turns out that watermelon is also good for fertility on both men and women.

Health Benefits of taking Watermelon Fruits for Males and Females Fertility

To know more about the benefits of this fruit for fertility, let’s read the explanations about benefits of watermelon for male’s health below:

1. Maintain Prostate Health

The lycopene content in tomatoes turns out to be nothing compared to the lycopene in watermelon. Lycopene is a compound with antioxidant ability that is healthy for the heart, skin, and prostate.

Consuming foods with lycopene in it such as watermelon for three times a week before undergoing a prostatectomy will be resulting in the pretty drastic decrease of prostate damages.

2. Overcome Impotence

Watermelon’s meat as well as its skin contains a pretty high phytonutrient in it that is named citrulline. This citrulline contains a lot of benefits for the body and one of them is to relax the blood vessels that are just like inside medicines for erection dysfunctions.

Consuming citrulline routinely will increase the nitrate oxidant that can make the blood vessels more relaxed and make the blood stream smoother. The increase of blood stream will also overcome the lighter cases of erection dysfunctions.

Health Benefits of taking Watermelon Fruits for Males and Females Fertility

3. Increase Sperm

There is about 15 to 20 mg of lycopene inside a watermelon that is useful not only to fight cancer cells but also to increase the sperm up to 67% as well as fix the sperm structure up to 63%.

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4. Increase Sexual Activity

What’s more benefits of watermelon for males health? Watermelon also has a high citrulline in it just like Viagra. This compound can increase the production of nitric oxide that has an important role to increase the sexual activity on men.

5. Increase Pregnant Women’s Fertility

The high content of folic acid in watermelon is useful to increase the fertility on pregnant women. This is good to consume by not only on the pregnancy period but also after giving birth.

6. Fertilize the Uterus

The high folic acid in watermelon is also good to be consumed by pregnant women because it is useful to fertilize the uterus and prevent physical deform from happening as well as to take care the nerves of baby inside the womb. You can get a better benefit of this if the watermelon is consumed as a juice, making the body easier to absorb it.

7. Decrease Prostate Cancer Risk

The high lycopene content in watermelon also play an important role to decrease the prostate cancer from happening. By consuming 20 mg of lycopene twice a day, and doing it for 3 months, then the risk of prostate cancer can decrease drastically. One of the health benefits of cardamom and health benefits of soursop leaves is also good to prevent the prostate cancer.

8. Important Role for Men’s Erection

Amino acids citrulline in watermelon can help to increase the production of nitroxides, which is a very important compound for erection system on men. Citrulline will be easily absorbed by the body, thus the blood stream’s concentration can be maximal.

9. Forming Male Hormone

Watermelon also contains a lot of vitamin such as vitamin C, A, and B6. The vitamin B6 in watermelon have an important role in forming sex hormone on men, thus it is very good to be consumed every day.

10. Help Penetrate Ovum

Not only it is good for the skin, but the vitamin E in watermelon is also very good to help sperm penetrates the ovum.

Health Benefits of taking Watermelon Fruits for Males and Females Fertility

11. Fix Sperm Abnormality

The vitamin B12 content and folic acid in this very watery fruit is useful to form genetic material that can fix sperm’s abnormality, increase the sperm and increase the move capability of the sperm.

12. Increase Testosterone

Zinc in watermelon is useful to increase the testosterone and fix the fertility as well as sperm production on men. One of the benefits of chicken liver is also good to increase the testosterone level.

13. Increase Libido

Not only the meat part of watermelon that have benefits, but the seeds of this fruit turns out to also have an important content that can increase fertility on males since it has antioxidant in it which is lycopene. The way to get this benefit is by drinking the brewed water of the watermelon seeds routinely. There are actually a lot of health benefits of watermelon seeds that you can get.

14. Increase Hair Fertility

The skin part of watermelon also has benefits for fertility; one of it is for the hair’s fertility to help it with hair fall problem. The way to use it is by scrub the white part of watermelon’s skin on your head’s skin evenly before going to sleep, then rinse it clean the next morning.

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Health Benefits of taking Watermelon Fruits for Males and Females Fertility

15. Prevent Impotence

Other benefit of watermelon is from its skin again, the white part to be exact, which have a high content of citrulline that is useful as high oxidation to prevent men from developing impotence.

A lot of contents inside the watermelon, either the meat, seeds, and skin all turns out to have lots of healthy benefits especially for fertility on men and women. Therefore, we recommend you to consume the fruit routinely from now on, especially if you are pregnant or trying to increase vitality that links with sexual organs.

We hope this article about benefits of watermelon for male’s health can be helpful to you and increase your knowledge on watermelon for body’s health.

Do you have any question, suggestion or other contributions? kindly use the comment box provided below for all your contributions. You are also encouraged to please kindly share this article with others you feel can benefit from this information if found useful enough as we may not be able to reach everyone at the same time. Thank you so much for sharing!


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