How and When to Fertilize a Pineapple Farm

Pineapple plants has a very high demand for nutrients such as Nitrogen,Potassium and Iron but low requirements for nutrients such as Phosphorus and Calcium. Due to these demands, it is advisable to apply manure or NPK (20:10:10) at two months after planting if the land has a low level of these nutrients but it can be applied at four months if the farmland is rich in these nutrients at the time of planting.

Thereafter,apply Urea or manure again at six months to help shift leaf color towards a darker yellow-green. After eight months, repeat Urea or NPK (20:10:10) fertilizer to produce dark green plants. If the plants does not look yellowish in color during the first eight months, then application of fertilizer is done only twice.

Organic Nitrogen fertilizer are good and can be applied as foliar sprays at eight months after planting.

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