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How Do You Raise Tilapia Fishes? Find Out

After you’ve successfully set up your tilapia pond or tank, it’s now time to bring in the fish. Purchase only from reputable sellers, so you’re certain that the tilapia you’re going to raise is healthy.

Here are the steps to follow when raising tilapia:


Hatching refers to the process of managing breeding colonies, providing the right conditions to induce egg extraction and spawning, and ensuring the survival of the tilapia fry.


Rearing is also referred to as the grow-out stage. These are the activities you need to do after the tilapia “grows out” of the fingerling size. During this period, you’ll need to regularly test, sort, and weigh the fish you’re growing.


After about 8 months of proper care, your tilapia should have grown to anywhere between 450 and 600 grams. At this point, you can safely harvest your fish and sell them.

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