How Feeding Snails Affects their Eggs Hatching Rate


Hatching eggs start from feeding of the snails.

What you feed them is what they give out therefore I encourage that you should Feed them nutritious meals and they will develop quality eggs.

Provided a temperature of below 27degrees centigrade and humidity of above 80 and they will mate and give more eggs.

Cover eggs immediately after they are laid and moist the substrate, you may cover the top soil with dried leaves to help maintain temperature and moisture.

When your eggs hatch, you should take the baby snail to nursery pen and u feed them with succulent food like over ripped paw-paw or watermelon or banana till they are six weeks.

Next time as soon as you notice Egg presence in your pen if you spare hatching pen take them gently with plastic spoon not with bear hand dig a little hole of about a finger deep that’s almost 3cm bury the eggs in it and cover it with soil sprinkle water on it immediately to give the needed humidity to the eggs but not damp then you do that morning and evening till next 28-40 days depending on the pen temperature you should be expecting your baby snails by then if not they cannot hatch again.

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